Team Gates Roster Mostly Finalized, According to Report on thescore

January 4, 2017 - Esports

When Tim “Trick2g” Foley, a popular streamer known for his Udyr, Volibear and Nasus play and abrasive personality on stream announced his intention to enter his own team, called Team Gates, into the North American Challenger Series, the idea was med with a certain amount of scepticism.

While Trick2g is one of the most popular Twitch streamers, his image as an entertainer left many doubtful about the possibility of success for the team, especially if Trick2g intended to compete himself. People argued that even if the player was good enough on his best champions to compete at the high Diamond level, that was insufficient for a good showing in NACS.

Despite claims of seeking to show “washed up pros” what’s up, it is quite unlikely that Foley could actually sign a roster strong enough to get into the LCS. Even if the streamer had acquired enough capital to pay top talent to play for him and qualify for the LCS, it’s not certain at all that players would actually want to play for him unless they had no other options. When you hear the name Trick2g, “professional” and “one of the best” are not the words that come to mind first. Similar to the Team Siren debacle, it’s likely that Team Gates is just a marketing gimmick.

Whatever the case may be,’s Gabriel Zoltan-Johan published a report speculating that four of the five roster spots on Team Gates have been filled. According to the author’s sources, the Top Lane will be filled by Kieran “Allorim” Logue, Dat “Kitzuo” Nguyen will play the Jungle, Lee “Strompest” Seung-min will take the Mid Lane, while Bradley “Kingvex” Miller is going to right click minions and champions as the AD Carry. If Zoltan-Johan’s sources turn out to be correct, the team would only need a Support to have a complete roster.

What Team Gates reportedly does have at the moment is a team of talents with some limited high-level play experience at most. Allorim was linked to Echo Fox, but never stepped on the LCS stage, Kitzuo only played in NACS Open Qualifiers, Kingvex took the Most Valuable Player award at the Scouting Grounds. That does not a Challenger Series winner make, folks. Yes, Team Gates will play at NACS. They might even win some games, staying in the middle of the standings or so. Rising any higher, however, is a tall order for this roster.

Despite our scepticism, we genuinely enjoy watching Trick2g’s streams and wish him the best. While his loud manner of behaving on stream is only matched by his shenanigans on Udyr, inspiring us to try out Udyr to less than favorable results, it does not inspire optimism in his ability to run a team.