Team Dignitas CS:GO Loses Its Roster

December 20, 2016 - Esports

For a while, Team Dignitas was missing from the discussion about the best CS:GO teams in the world, only to come back after the org signed Emil “Magisk0Y” Reif in July. It took the team a while to get going, but once they did, they won EPICENTER 2016, one of the biggest tournaments of the year, and were suddenly considered to be at least one of the best CS:GO teams in the world. It seems that DIG can no longer be proud of having one of the best teams in a game, as the roster did not resign with the organisation for 2017.

Prior to the news breaking about the negotiations between Team Dignitas and its players, the players qualified for the ELEAGUE Major by placing 3-5th at the ELEAGUE Major Offline Qualifier. Now, they are a team without an organisation backing them. Seeing as Major invites are given to players and not organisations, we will still see the former Team Dignitas roster at the Major, however, the question of whether they will get snapped up by some team or other or start their own organisation, remains. With Astralis being a shining example of a player-owned organisation doing well, the Danish former DIG players could definitely try following their countrymen’s (Astralis’, both rosters are Danish) example.

Speaking of Team Dignitas, the eSports organisation, which has been bought by the Philadelphia 76ers, made it clear in an official statement that they’re: “Committed to building our next elite, international Counter Strike: Global Offensive team based in North America with the goal of dominating the global competitive gaming landscape. Team Dignitas aspires to lead the eSports industry in player recruitment and development; we are confident our fans will continue to be excited by our future player and personnel announcements.” At the moment, it seems that DIG are trying to find a North American roster to represent the region Philadelphia 76ers are from instead of having a Danish roster.

Finally, it’s been said that Team Dignitas tried to entice their players to stay with the roster, however, they would not be swayed despite generous terms aimed at persuading them. If that was the truth, the possibility that the former DIG roster wants to establish a player-owned org gains weight, because if you were to go on the market and look for an already established team to play for, not many endemic eSports organizations could outbid Team Dignitas, an organization owned by the same people who own Philadelphia 76ers, an honest to God NBA team. Unless DIG was stingy with money for some reason, however, it wouldn’t be easy to imagine.