Suramar: What’s That?

September 5, 2016 - Esports

The endgame the be all end all of MMOs. If the endgame sucks and doesn’t manage to keep player’s attention or just bores them, the expansion fails sooner or later. While I haven’t played in the alpha or beta, my research implies that Suramar is going to be great.

Once you reach 110, you will be able to start playing the zone. It’s an enclave of Night Elves. In their society, magic is everything. Once Night Elves commit a crime, they are exiled and cut off from magic. Starving, they slowly start acting like addicts and eventually go insane. Your role will be to acts a mana dealer for these poor buggers.

From what I gathered, the zone is supposed to be very well made, keeping players interest with great story and refreshingly original quests. That’s good, because you will need to go through Suramar in order to unlock the two Mythic-only Dungeons, The Arcway and Court of Stars. Yes, making you play a zone to unlock dungeons is attunement, however, if it’s done well, I probably won’t mind.

While some sources emphasize the storyline of the zone, others point out that it’s a very good way to get a lot of Artifact Power, which will be absolutely essential to your character’s strength. With differing information from several iterations of the beta, it’s hard to know for sure what’s what exactly. Still, I have very high hopes for the zone, just like the rest of Legion.

If the story and dailies in Suramar live up to the hype fanned by the story-minded YouTubers, while also awarding a fair bit of Artifact Power as well, I will be one very happy WoW player, to be honest. It doesn’t really matter, however, as the zone will have to be completed even if it sucks, if only to unlock the Mythic Dungeons. With the general impression prevalent on the Internet that Blizzard learned their lesson from Warlords of Draenor and aren’t likely to make the same mistakes, WoW looks to be in a good place right now.

To finish up the article, it has to be said that when I last played the game seriously, I would have ignored the lore aspects in favor of the raiding implications. Now, however… With age comes wisdom. Suramar is the home of Illidan Stormrage, malfurion and Tyrande Whisperwind. It will be awesome to see where the iconic World of Warcraft characters came from.