Support Miss Fortune – Why You Shouldn’t Try It Yourself, Except for Special Circumstances?

October 25, 2016 - Esports

Following the amazing matches between ROX Tigers and SK Telecom T1, where ROX pulled out their Ashe Miss Fortune Bottom Lane combo and not only tied the score but got ahead as well, A LOT of people enthusiastically tried to bring Miss Fortune Support into their own games. As a result, the winrate of Miss Fortune, which was previously one of the highest among ADCs, reportedly dropped by 10%. But wait, if it works in Worlds, why would it NOT work in Dynamic Queue?

There is a huge difference between what is played in Dynamic Queue and Semifinal of the World Championship. In DQ, nobody is surprised when that last pick designated to got Top locks in Yasuo despite your Mid already playing Zed and the enemies having Malphite Top, Rammus Jungle, and Taric Support. That’s just what happens. People do not look at what the enemies have locked in already, they do not consider what the team comp actually needs to win. They just play whatever they want to play and get angry when you try to suggest that it might be better to pick something else, reasonably explaining why their pick isn’t good for the situation. Hell, I am guilty of this too! If I really want to play Jinx, I will play Jinx, no matter how much of a bad time I’m going to have in team fights due to enemy dive, unless the enemy ADC is Lucian. My rump still hurts after the spankings they usually give me.

Anyway, the act of the matter is that if someone wants to try MF Support, they will, unless it’s banned, ignoring the fact that the pick was used in very specific circumstances and doesn’t really work if those aren’t met. Don’t believe me? The first time ROX Tigers pulled it out, they made kur0 play Karma just to make sure that they can actually maneuver SKT into a situation, where MF Support is viable.

“Okay, when is MF viable then?” you may I ask. The simple and strict answer is: when you have Ashe as your ADC and the enemies have Zyra Support. Against any other Support, MF loses some of its usefulness. With other ADCs, she’s harder to pull off with a couple exceptions, which could work despite still being suboptimal.

With that said, let’s discuss why MF is so damn good against Zyra. The first reason is that Zyra’s abilities have a shorter range than MF’s E, Make It Rain. That means that you can harass her while she can’t reach you and retaliate. Second, Love Tap. Zyra deals a lot of damage with her plants, which take a bit of time to get DPSed. Her Passive, Love Tap, increases the damage of your Auto Attacks, as long as you don’t AA the same target twice in a row. Now, to get Zyra’s plants down, you need to AA them several times, unless your autos are somehow empowered. As it turns out, Miss Fortune’s Love Tap AA counts as empowered. When you Love Tap a plant and your ADC follows through, it dies, massively reducing the damage that gets done by the plants. Also, you can’t forget that you can actually bounce MF’s Q from Zyra’s plants. If the Q kills the plants, the bounce deals Critical damage.

Now, why is only MF supposed to be played with ADC Ashe? Because of the huge power spike at level 6. You slow Zyra with Make It Rain, Ashe hits her with her Ult, you pop yours. If you’ve been doing your job and poked Zyra down sufficiently with your E, she WILL die before the stun from Enchanted Crystal Arrow runs out. Her only real way to avoid the whole thing is to Flash out or have her ADC take the stun, but that’s a very bad idea for obvious reasons, unless the ADC in question is Sivir. She could also ult under your ADC and you, but her Ult takes 2 seconds to go off, while you channel yours for 3 seconds. Dealing two thirds of its damage before getting knocked up isn’t a total loss.

If you’re playing Miss Fortune Support, you shouldn’t consider yourself to an invincible lane bully of doom. Once your E is down, you’re more or less useless and also squishy. Any kind of engage with appropriate focus, and you will pop.

If you insist on playing MF Support against non-Zyra lanes, at least make sure that the enemy Support is squishy, immobile and can’t outrange you, with no easy-to-hit hard cc to interrupt your Ult. Something like Brand might be a decent opponent, as long as you can avoid his Pillars of Flame or at least make sure he can’t stun you with Q after.

If you don’t have Ashe as your ADC, but still want to play MF Support, at least make sure that your AD has a way to stun or immobilise the enemy for a decent amount of time. Jhin or maybe Varus are decent options. While Caitlyn and Jinx could also work with traps and Chompers respectively, those aren’t that easy to hit, I wouldn’t risk it if I were you.

Now, even if everything looks to be perfect for Miss Fortune Support, you should seriously consider not doing it. Why? Because Competitive is not Dynamic Queue. You might have noticed that Junglers camped Bot Lane early to get their Ashe MF ahead. They did it because the combo is only good when you’re ahead of your opponent. If you get behind, you will become a very squishy Support, which can’t heal, can’t shield, her only CC is a mediocre AoE slow, and the Ult only does damage, which isn’t even up to snuff because you’re behind. When your team has Miss Fortune, you have to do everything in your power to enable her in order to not have to fight a 4v5 later in the game. Even if you succeed, your team is on a clock. If the game goes to full builds, you will more than likely lose it because of the MF having way less utility than her lane opponent.

Finally, if you blindly pick MF Support without Ashe or, maybe, Jhin, you deserve to lose the game when the enemies pick a Braum or something else you can’t deal with and wreck you. While it’s novel, fun, and can be extremely powerful, Miss Fortune Support is a very situational pick, which requires great coordination from the team in order to make it work. In the current DQ climate, where most people assume that MF Support on your team is an automatic loss, nobody will help you, writing you off as a useless fanboy with no skill. Before you pick this champion, consider it very very hard.