StarLadder & i-League StarSeries Season 4 Group Stage Is Over

February 23, 2018 - Esports
StarLadder & i-League StarSeries Season 4 Group Stage Is Over

The Group Stage of StarLadder & i-League StarSeries Season 4 is finally over after five rounds of best of 3 Swiss and here are the bare bones of what happened to keep you informed before the Playoffs, which start on the 23rd of February.

One of the bigger surprises in the tournament was G2 Esports which managed to 3-0 the groups despite shox having wrist problems.

It’s not like they won against crap teams either. G2 played against Renegades, mouz and Astralis.

The other 3-0 team was FaZe Clan, which surprised nobody at all.

They even got to take revenge for the ELEAGUE Major Boston finals from Cloud9 in between beating up on TyLoo and struggling a bit against Na’Vi.

The next three teams to qualify for the Playoffs were SK Gaming, Astralis and Team Liquid.

SK won against MVP PK, then lost to mouz 1 to 2, swept Cloud9 and finally brought down Na’Vi.

Astralis had an easier road, winning against Team Liquid 2 to 1, losing to G2, and then putting down both Gambit and Heroic.

Team Liquid started off losing to Astralis but then won against Renegades, VP and mouz.

It seems like NAF is working out for them.

The final three teams to qualify were mouz, Na’Vi and Renegades.

Mousesports actually had a very hard road in the group stage, facing VP, SK, G2, TL and C9. They lost to G2 and TL but managed to knock out the reigning Major champs out of the tournament.

Na’Vi’s road was easier. They won against HellRaisers and Gambit to start off but then were disappointed twice against FaZe and SK, two of the best teams in the world before finally winning against Heroic and qualifying for the Playoffs.

It took them three maps, though.

Renegades were a big question mark before the tournament because of their recent unproven roster change.

It turns out that it’s actually decent.

They started off the tournament horribly, losing two in a row against G2 and TL but then rose like a phoenix against Fnatic, TyLoo and HellRaisers to qualify for the Playoffs.

Not everything went as we expected, though. Three teams massively disappointed us with their performance, chief among them — Cloud9.

After winning ELEAGUE Major Boston, C9 went on to fight to the Finals of cs_summit 2 but failed to make it to the Playoffs of this tournament, only winning against Heroic and and losing to FaZe, SK and mouz.

While losing vs. the first two could be explained away, the fail against mouz is unforgivable in our eyes.

The other two disappointments of the event were VP and Fnatic. With the roster update, where MICHU came in to replace TaZ, we expected to be better than this.

In their defense, they did have to face mouz, C9 and Liquid, three teams that performed well in the tournament. Also, the roster change is very recent, VP probably needs time to get used to the new player after playing with TaZ for so long.

Finally, Fnatic has no excuse. It would be different if they had to play against… SK, Liquid and SK, for example but there’s no reason why Fnatic should lose to TyLoo and Renegades, even if the loss to Gambit could be explained away.

With all of that said, we have the Playoffs bracket where mouz will face G2, TL will play SK, Na’Vi will try to be light enough for s1mple to carry them against Astralis, and Renegades will meet their biggest test, FaZe Clan.

Who’s going to win the tournament? Let us know!