Splyce CS:GO Lets Go of Two Players

November 16, 2016 - Esports

Looking at our coverage of roster changes, one might think that they happen only on the big teams, however, that is not true. Smaller organisations go through roster changes as well, some of them are even more prolific in that than even FaZe Clan. There are many possible reasons for roster swaps. Sometimes, team explain their decision to replace a player, sometime they don’t. When the official statement has nothing to go on, all you’re left with is speculation.

Sometimes, teams give reasons for roster changes, sometimes, they don’t. Extremely rarely can you say that the team did both in a single announcement. And yet, that’s precisely what Splyce did. The management of the Splyce organization decided to release David “DAVEY” Stafford and Enkhtaivan “Machinegun” Lkhagva.

Speaking about the DAVEY situation, they said: “DAVEY was an integral part of the growth of CS:GO at Splyce. His expertise, hard work and dedication were part of what brought us to the MLG Columbus Major and will continue to serve him on whichever future team he joins.” That is it. Note that there is no reason provided for the decision. If we had a collection of tinfoil hats, we might consider the possibility that it’s something bad, something, which would influence the player’s chances to play for someone else, however, it’s almost certainly not the case.

The part of the official statement discussing Machinegun, however, was different. The team’s reps said: “Machinegun is an incredibly hard worker and an amazing player, but the language barriers were too great a challenge amidst the other difficulties of building a brand new team. He has the potential to be a top talent in the CS:GO scene with the right home.” Can you notice how much better that is?

To be fair, the announcement ends with this: “CEO and co-founder of Splyce, Marty Stenczewilk, will soon release a vlog to elaborate further on the Splyce CS:GO roster changes.” That is good, very very good, some more info would be great, especially in DAVEY’s case. If Splyce wanted to release the announcement as soon as possible, they still could have given a small teaser of what’s going to be discussed in the vlog. It should have taken them that long to write, surely?

Whatever the reasons, the fact of the matter is that DAVEY and Machinegun are no longer on Splyce. One because of understandable language issues, the other… more details TBD. Let’s just wish the players the best in their careers. In eSports, stuff like this happens all the time. They should be able to recover in short order.