SPECULATION: Keith Accidentally Leaks Echo Fox Roster; Might Have Ruined His Career

November 28, 2016 - Esports

In eSports, just like in every other industry, leaks happen. When they do, sometimes they go unnoticed, having zero impact; however, most of the time, a shitstorm of massive proportions starts, causing heads of the ones responsible to roll. In politics and big-time business, the ones who leak don’t really receive much pity, they should have known better. The eSports scene is different. Most people responsible for leaks there are young adults who make mistakes typical to people their age. Forgiveness would be great in those cases. Yet, with the amount of money going through the eSports system, that is not always possible.

Yuri “Keith” Jew was streaming recently. The player thought he ended the stream and started talking with Eugene “Pobelter” Park. It seems like Keith was muted, we could only hear Pobelter’s voice. The players talked about Echo Fox’s planned lineup. They talked about the Phoenix1 Support, Adrian “Adrian” Ma. They talked about money without giving any concrete figures. If the leak turns out to be legit, both players could be in real trouble.

The leaked discussion covered several subjects. Apparently, Pobelter currently has 2 good offers he’s sitting on, however, the money offered doesn’t meet his evaluation of himself, so he’s looking to see what Echo Fox offers him to figure out if he’s overvaluing himself. Also, it seems that Echo Fox managed to sign the former Royal Never Give Up Top Laner and 2014 World Champion, Jang “Looper” Hyeong-seok.

With Henrik “Froggen” Hansen on the team, one of the players would have to switch roles in order to make the roster work. Pobelter actually wouldn’t mind seeing if he could do well in another role. At the end of the leaked clip, it seems like Pobelter was duoing with Keith, trying to see how he would do as a Support. Talking about Froggen, the 200 IQ Mid Laner called the Danish superstar “selfish”, saying that he farmed in the Mid Lane more than any other player in the LCS, neglecting roaming almost entirely.

This brought another topic, that of Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen, the purported new Jungler of Echo Fox. Speaking about this player, Pobelter said that while he can have impact on the game sometimes, he prefers farming too much to have any serious impact most of the time. According to Pobelter, the combination of Santorin and Froggen could be quite low in map wide pressure, ending up with opponents being able to take over the Top and Bottom Lanes.

Finally, Pobelter threw some shade on Adrian, saying that he got high on pot prior to Immortals’ match against CLG in Las Vegas. Also, according to Pobelter, even though he was saying that his champ pool includes more than Soraka, Janna, Nami, and Karma, that wasn’t really true. The team asked him to learn more champions, but he couldn’t do it. Also, Pobelter said that Adrian’s work ethic sucks quite a bit. If Adrian is to lead the new Phoenix1 roster, that puts into question the future of the team. Where the leader slacks off, the rest follow suit.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and take the information revealed in this leak as fact. This might be an elaborate attempt to troll the community. The fact that it became known before the official announcements could also put a spanner in the works of what’s to happen.

The saddest thing about the whole matter is that because of this, Keith’s career might be severely impacted. Why is it sad? He’s a 19 year old dude who’s made a mistake. Of course, he should have known better and made sure that the stream is turned off, but that shit happens. The real villain in this story is the guy who leaked this, despite getting pleaded not to by Keith. While we’re writing about it as well, the story is on the front page of Reddit. Everyone who follows professional League of Legends probably already heard about it.