South Korea Dominates Overwatch World Cup

November 7, 2016 - Esports

Remember when news broke out that Overwatch is just as popular as League of Legends in South Korean PC Bangs (Internet Cafes)? Well, it turns out, that when a lot of Koreans play a game, they get very good, even best in the world, at it. At least that’s the conclusion that begs to be made following the results of Overwatch World Cup, a tournament, where fan-voted National Teams played on the BlizzCon stage.

The South Korean team was seeded into Group C, together with Finland, Australia, and Taiwan. With three Lunatic.Hai players, as well as two from Afreeca Freecs and one from CONBOX T6, South Korea absolutely dominated their group, not dropping a single match against any of their opponents, making it into the Playoffs with a perfect 6-0 record, the only team to not lose a match in the Group Stage.  Russia was the Koreans’ closest competitor with 6-1 in Group B, where they took first place against the United States, Germany, and Chile.

Matched against the United States of America in the Quarterfinals, South Korea won 2-0. On the first map, Temple of Anubis, Korea won convincingly by defending the first point successfully and then taking it on offense with 3:06 left on the clock. The second map, Eichenwalde, was closer, however. Both teams achieved two out of three objectives, however, the Asians managed to push the payload 60.56 meters, while the US only managed 56.74. A little bit less than 4 meters was the difference between a chance to play the decider and a sweep. That must have been crushing for the Americans.

Up next, South Korea, the Nation of MOBA Gods, came up against Sweden, the Nation of FPS Gods. The first map, Route 66 was won by the Koreans. While the Swedes tried very hard to push the payload through to the third point, the fell short, only getting 24.55 meters. On their turn, the Koreans absolutely dominated on attack, getting all three points with 3:21 on the clock. The second map, Eichenwald was successful for the Koreans as well. They got all three points with 0:42 still on the clock. Yes, that’s not as impressive as their result on Route 66, but let’s give them a break. When it came the time to defend, the Koreans managed to stop the Swedish before they could push the payload to the second point, winning the map and the series. For once, NA did better than EU. Weird, huh?

One they got to the Finals, the Koreans had to stop the Russians’ rush B strategy, which has been serving them well all tournament long. On the first map of the series, Temple of Anubis, they did that in a dominating fashion, not even giving up A, while managing to rush both A and B themselves on attack with 1:08 left on the clock.

The second map, King’s Row, was won by South Korea when they defended Point A until the clock ran out, without even having the choo-choo make an appearance. When it was their time to attack, they took the point with 2:43 left on the clock and won the map. At this point, it seemed like the Koreans were head and shoulders above the Russian team while on Defense. Would this trend continue in the next map?

Yes it would. On Dorado, Russia only managed to push the Choo-Choo 55.16 meters. You read that right. Russia pushed 55 meters in 4 minutes. That is how good Korea’s Defense was on Dorado. When their time to attack came, the Koreans trampled Russia’s Defense attempts, getting the first point with 2:51 left on the clock. Honestly, watching Koreans abuse people is kinda sad. Everyone should be well used to it, however. After all, they’ve been doing it for years in League of Legends.

Anyway, the last map, Lijang Tower, went in Korea’s favor as well. Surprising nobody at all, Korea took three Control points in a row and absolutely, undoubtedly, shamelessly, ruthlessly crushed Russia. If you missed it, the Russians did not get a single objective in this best of 7 series. That is… well… scary.

The Overwatch World Cup was an exhibition tournament, the rosters were chosen by popular vote. Play between private teams is a whole different beast, however, the fact of the matter is that once the Koreans decide to get gud at a game, they get extremely gud and dominate the rest of the world. Brood War, League of Legends, and now Overwatch, Korea made its move, it’s the world’s turn now. If nothing is done now, the situation will be similar to the one found in League of Legends, where no matter how good you get, you can never beat the Koreans.