Skins Used by Na’Vi’s flamie

July 15, 2016 - Esports

Egor "flamie" Vasilyev is a Rifler for Natus Vincere, otherwise known as Na’Vi. 19 years old, he looks like a cuddly teddy bear who couldn’t hurt a fly, while also making his aunts go “Awww” while pinching his cheeks, however, get a CS:GO AK-47 in his hands and see the blood flow.

As the youngest member of the team, flamie has to look up to his teammates, trying to absorb as much of their experience as possible, so that his career would be as long and storied as theirs. A good start to that was made when he took 2nd place in MLG Major Championship: Columbus and nearly succeeded repeating this achievement in ESL One Cologne 2016, reaching the Top 8 as the first seed from their group, before getting knocked out by the eventual heirs to Na’Vi’s placement in the previous Major, Team Liquid.

Looking for flamie’s skins was a pleasure, because he actually showed his full loadout, unlike teammates GuardiaN and Edward. Basically, flamie doesn’t use P2000 and CZ75 among the most important guns. Instead, he uses the usual suspect USP-S, as well as Tec-9 and Five-SeveN. Here’s a table of the most important skins used by flamie in ESL One Cologne 2016: