RUMOR: F.C. Copenhagen to Start Dabbling in CS:GO and Dota2?

December 21, 2016 - Esports

And there’s another one. Another what? Another football (soccer for you, Americans) club is getting into eSports, F.C. Copenhagen this time. It’s interesting that the announcement comes just after the Danish CS:GO players, who were playing for Team Dignitas until recently, have declined a “competitive offer” to resign with the org, now owned by NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers. The only two explanations for this that make sense are that the players are planning to establish an org of their own or they have another non-endemic team to join closer to home, like F.C. Copenhagen, for example.

The rumor comes from an report, which was picked up by the rest of the major eSports publications, which in turn, was written according to information from a Danish website According to the sources from the Danish publication, F.C. Copenhagen is planning to invest in their eSports teams what would translate to several hundred thousand dollars annually.

According to the article on, Anders Hørsholt, director of Parken Sport & Entertainment A/S, which is the parent company of F.C. Copenhagen, the whole rumor cannot be confirmed at this time, however, the executive did admit that the club is looking at eSports, just like every other traditional eSports organisation out there. It could very well be the case that the football club is talking to the former Dignitas roster about the possibility of joining forces. It is possible, that they will jump in in time for the ELEAGUE Major if it works or hold off for a bit if it doesn’t.

Together with the speculation about the ex-DIG players on F.C. Copenhagen, it’s also been implied that the F.C. is also looking to start dabbling in Dota2 and FIFA. While FIFA is a natural fit, the Dota2 thing is a big quirky. Usually, non-endemic team owners go for the pizzazz of League of Legends instead of Dota2. On the other hand, in the article on this subject at, it’s been pointed out that The Imperial has recently lost its Danish Dota2 roster to a competitor which could not be outbid.

It is understandable why Danish eSports players would want to join a new org with a name like F.C. Copenhagen. Even if the players aren’t football fans, they grew up at least aware of the club, hearing the name all around them. Who knows, the player’s fathers might even be fans. Being able to say that you are a player on F.C. Copenhagen is sure to impress people in Denmark and that’s hard to have for an eSports player.