ROX Tigers Sign Overwatch Team. Name it ROX Orcas

January 13, 2017 - Esports
ROX Tigers Sign Overwatch Team. Name it ROX Orcas

Anyone who follows the competitive League of Legends scene at all knows ROX Tigers. At least the old ROX Tigers, which were ranked first in power rankings prior to the League of Legends World Championship 2016. That team was awesome, that team was fun. That team is no more. The organization which spawned it, however, is trying to get into Overwatch. With the noticeably lower power of their new League of Legends roster which is to compete in the 2017 Spring Split of League of Legends Champions Korea, the org needs to spread its… paws into other games.

Not much is known about the Korean Overwatch scene in the west. Hopefully, that will change with the growing popularity of OGN’s Overwatch APEX, the league which has some of the best Western Overwatch teams against the best South Korea has to offer. As a result of the lack of information, we can’t tell you much about the roster of ROX Orcas, the Overwatch team from the ROX organization. The team is going to use Cho “Aloha” Kyung-hoon, Kang “Try” Tae-wook, Cha “Le1gend” Kwang-ho, Chung “Melee” Chang-gyoon, Kim “Daemin” Dae-min and Cho “Guardian” Joon-hwan.

Aloha is supposed to be the coach of the team. He is a veteran of an FPS Special Forces. Try also has a background in FPS games, like Soldier of Fortune and Special Forces 2, if the google translation is at all correct, which we honestly doubt. The rest of the roster competed in some small Overwatch events, attracting the attention of ROX. DISCLAIMER: Special Force could possibly stand for Sudden Attack, a popular FPS in Korea.

Just like the ROX Tigers, who were known for dominating aggression in the early game and singing when playing, Orcas have all intentions to keep this standard going in Overwatch. This will be a tall order. While Korean Overwatch hasn’t caught up to the standards of NA and EU, knowing how the teams from South Korea work, they will catch up before long. Hopefully, ROX Orcas haven’t jumped on the train too late. After all, even if Overwatch is still in its infancy, the game has started teething. The ROX brand is just too fun to be left behind.

In the best case scenario where ROX Orcas reach the level of notoriety enjoyed by ROX Tigers in 2016, we have to hope that their roster wouldn’t be taken to strengthen other teams once their contracts are up, like it happened in League of Legends. Of course, when you have a great roster but aren’t the biggest shark in the swimming pool financially, that’s quite likely to happen. Let’s say a prayer to the old gods and the new that it doesn’t happen to Rox Orcas. Though with their name in mind… the Drowning God might be more appropriate. Offtopic: Does SK Telecom T1 pray to R’hllor? They DO wear a lot of red… Just sayin’.