Riot: Ziggs ADC “Healthy”; How to Deal With It or Play It?

January 31, 2017 - Esports

That’s all, folks, us ADC mains will have to master Ziggs in order to have it as a pocket pick when everything else isn’t right for the situation, especially when top, jungle and mid all pick AD champions. At least that’s the conclusion when you take into consideration the recent view expressed by Riot Games, where they said that they are fine with Ziggs playing Bot Lane. As a result, we shall have to both learn how to play with and against Ziggs because the pick is here to stay.

Ziggs played in the Bot Lane was discovered to be a somewhat dangerous pick because of his identity as a pusher with great wave clear and the ability to do huge damage to do turrets. If you want to play Ziggs to his utmost potential, you have to push your opponents to tower as much as you can. The problem is that you become very susceptible to jungle ganks when you do that. This is probably the only strongly abusable weakness the pick has.

Ziggs is also quite weak in the beginning. Just like every other AP mid champion, his damage really comes on with levels and not with items like in the case of most traditional AD Carries. If you can pick a strong wave pushing combo, hopefully with an AA range higher than Ziggs’ own, you should work to counteract Ziggs’ attempts and keep the wave in the middle or better yet push him to his own tower. As an AD Carry, you hold an advantage over a Mid champion—you don’t need to spam mana to push out, auto attacks work as well. Why do you need to do that? When Ziggs pushes you under the turret, he can reach and whittle the turret down in the beginning of the game, to be utterly demolished later, once he gets some AP, just like a Caitlyn. Even worse, the normally easily avoidable skillshots become much harder to avoid when you have to stay in range of the enemy wave to last hit it under tower, a feat some players can’t accomplish even with no pressure. Add constant bouncing bombs, minefields and explosives to the mix and the lane becomes hell.

Ziggs can be a really bothersome champion for an AD Carry to deal with, especially if his Support knows what’s up and picks an AP Mage like Brand, Zyra, or Malzahar. Unless you can do that yourself, try to have a sustain or engage Support coupled with a wave-pushing AD Carry. Don’t be afraid to trade early, Ziggs isn’t at his strongest yet. Push as much as you can, trying to avoid the shitty situation of sitting under turret, trying to farm while Ziggs takes pot shots at you. If you can push his wave to the turret instead, all the better. As an AP champion, Ziggs has a harder time last hitting minions under turret.