Riot Games Tries To Fix Game

January 11, 2017 - Esports

After the 2017 Ranked season started, it quickly became clear that the game is not totally healthy, requiring intervention from the developer to fix it. There were three main problems requiring fixing. The first and the most immediate one was the messed up strength of the Junglers, where Jungle players could not only keep up in levels with solo laners, but also outlevel them due to the unproportionate amount of XP awarded by Jungle monsters. Second, tanks were… too tanky while also dealing way too much damage. Finally, ADC players started feeling completely marginalized, have no impact in the early and mid game, while also having trouble shredding through tanks while dying to them 1v1 late. In the first of several patches geared towards fixing the problems with the game, Riot Games took the first steps towards fixing the problems.

First of all, Riot lowered the XP awarded to Junglers by their first clear. The first buff and two small camps will still give level 3, however, you will have to clear six camps to reach level 4 instead of five. All in all, Murkwolf, Raptor, Krug, and Gromp camps will give you 25% less XP on first clear. While this change should help a little bit in slowing down Jungler XP gains avoiding the situation where a Jungler comes Bot with Ult up at level 4 and murders you, unless he did a great job to fuck some of your teammates up beforehand, it is not a change which should totally destroy the Jungler’s strength. It’s only bringing it in line.

Concerning the feelsbadman Marksmen are left saying once faced with a tank or something like Camille, Riot is taking careful steps to balance things, leaving Courage of the Colossus, one of the main reasons for the whole thing, as is, only nerfing Poppy and Camille. Due to her passive shield and Courage of the Colossus as well as the damage Poppy has, she was way too strong for a long time. Riot is nerfing her Passive’s duration to 3 seconds, while also halving the damage of the snapcast of her Ultimate, both in base damage and in scaling. Camille was not being played as she was intended to, as a diver, due to her teamfight utility. Riot nerfed her health growth. Also, they “slightly increased radius where Camille will reveal herself if Hookshotting near enemies while she’s in FoW” and tweaked her knockaway stun’s duration to last until the target lands instead of the fixed 1 second duration.

Finally, The overarching reasons for ADC’s weakness weren’t touched in terms of changes for ADCs or their items directly, with several exceptions of Draven, Kalista, and Lucian. Draven got his axes buffed by increasing scaling and adding base damage, while also making Blood Rush cheaper. Kalista had her Rend buffed. Now, your autos and Q will add Rend stacks even when the ability itself is on cooldown. Also, you will only need to last hit one target with Rend to refund the mana cost AND cooldown. According to some high ELO ADC streamers, this is a very welcome change. Finally, Lucian had his Passive’s % total attack damage buffed by 10% in the early game, while also increasing his Q’s base damage to 80/115/150/185/220 from 80/110/140/170/200, which is honestly nowhere close to what they needed to do if they wanted for Lucian to not suck ass.