Reignover to Play for Team Liquid

November 25, 2016 - Esports

With Adrian “Adrian” Ma leaving Immortals to play for Phoenix1, it became very clear that the old Immortals lineup which dominated the Regular Season of the 2016 Spring Split was to be no more. Now, Kim “Reignover” Ui-jin  is known to not be part of the team anymore, Jason “WildTurtle” Tran (if his Team Dignitas tryout goes well) will be out of Immortals as well. At this point, it’s somewhat safe to say that the team will be drastically different from what we saw last season.

One of the best Junglers in NA, Reignover, joined Team Liquid. It’s currently not clear at all who’s going to be on the roster when the season starts proper, however, keeping in mind the likely financial power that comes from giving up a huge chunk of the company to non-endemic investors, namely the co-owner of Golden State Warriors and Magic Johnson, they shouldn’t have too many difficulties attracting good players to their team.

The fact that the superstar Jungler joined Liquid should clue in fans to the fact that the team should be quite strong this year. As one of the best Junglers in the West and probably the World, Reignover probably had a lot of offers.While people might point out that he could be joining the team because it offered the biggest paycheck, just like they did when he joined Immortals, we’re not entirely sure that it was the deciding factor. So far in his western career, Reignover hasn’t played for bad teams (by Western standards, compared to top teams in South Korea, literally every team is bad). It isn’t unreasonable to expect that he’s not about to start now. After all, if money was all you were after, you wouldn’t play professionally. You would stream.

Seeing as it hasn’t been announced at the same time, it’s likely to expect that the famous Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon + Reignover duo has finally been broken up. The two players burst into the Western League of Legends scene in season 5, coming from Korea to join EU LCS powerhouse Fnatic and later moving together once again, this time to play on Immortals. At last, it seems like the players are splitting up.

It had to happen sometime. There aren’t that many teams who need both a Top Laner and Jungler and can afford their wages at the same time. Of course, the relationship could have been damaged by Huni’s somewhat strange draft and in-game decisions. Whatever the truth is, it’s unlikely that we will hear the whole of it.

Setting everything else aside, Team Liquid fans should wait for news with baited breaths. Who knows, Team Liquid might actually beat their 4th place curse. After all, you don’t sign Reignover and surround him with pillocks too heavy to carry.