Overwatch tic rate tripled!

August 17, 2016 - Esports

Since the game’s release, Overwatch players have been complaining about a couple of things: first, the  lack of a hero limit, which could have you face 5 Tracers and a Lucio in King of the Hill, then, about server tic rate. Well, Blizzard fixed the hero stacking, at least in Competitive Play and now, they also took care of the tick rate, raising it up to 63 from 21.

For those who don’t know, tick rate is the number in your netgraph, which shows how many times per second the server updates your client. Why should you care about it? Well… Have you ever gotten killed by a lucky shot you could swear you weren’t supposed to get hit by because you were in the clear, hiding behind a corner, for example? Well, that was probably because server tic rate resulted in your client showing a SLIGHTLY different position from what it actually was.

Of course, most people won’t even feel a difference, only telling everyone who’d listen that the game is sooooo much smooooother now only to avoid looking like noobs. The difference will be felt only by truly skilled players, with it not making a difference even to their play most of the time. The 63 tic rate will only affect rare highlight play opportunities most of the time.

Still even though it might not happen most of the time, you should try and do stuff you might not have been able to do before. Extra points if you Deflect an Ana Sleeping Dart with Genji, anyone? Simultaneous hitscan kills should happen less often as well, because it only happens when the players press the fire button at precisely the same tic. When there are 21 of them in one second, it’s easier for it to happen than when there are 63, don’t you think?

One thing to note is that the increased tic rate will affect system requirements by putting your system under bigger loads in order to keep up with the increased rate of refreshing your client. It won’t be much at all, however, you should make sure that your computer can properly run the game at at least 63 frames per second at least.Try lowering the graphics settings if you need it. In fact, you should play at low graphics even if your computer can support better. The increased frame rate is much better than the eye candy you can’t really see properly in the middle of the fight anyway.