Overwatch Patch Dropped; What Changed?

January 25, 2017 - Esports

The Year of the Rooster event is coming to Overwatch, providing us with some cool new Asian themed skins and much needed changes to the game, which will, hopefully, abolish the triple or even quad tank meta that we’ve settled into.

The biggest offender to the boring tank meta we’ve been having for a while now is Ana. The burst healer has been so effective that she could not only top up tanks, but keep topping them up through focused fire. With bigger health pools, tanks became a more attractive option than DPS. After all, why would you play a DPS when an Ana can heal a tank faster than you can kill it? Especially when they have stuff like Barriers, Shields, and heals of their own? Blizzard is trying to bring this problem back in line by reducing the Healing Amplification from Ana’s E, Biotic Grenade, to 50% instead of the 100% it used to be, as well as reducing the duration of its effect from 5 seconds to 4.

Next, Blizzard is tweaking D.Va. The changes should be less impactful than the Ana changes, however, they should make the tank less oppressive to play against by reverting the ratio between her health and armor, making her have 400 health and 200 armor instead of 200 health and 400 armor. They also made each of her bullets deal two damage instead of 3 while also buffing the number of bullets for each shot from eight to eleven. All in all, this should make D.Va’s damage more consistent, whatever that means, while also making her seemingly less tanky by converting 200 hundred of the regenerating armor into health, which needs to be topped up.

The most important change comes to Roadhog. For a while now, people have been grabbing people who should have been safe through walls or the payload. This shouldn’t be happening anymore, because they changed the way Roadhog’s Chain Hook works, making it hook targets directly in front of Roadhog unless he drastically rotates, allowing you to break the chain by leaving Roadhog’s line of sight, and doing LoS checks from Roadhog’s position instead of the position of the hook.

Finally, a small tweak was made to Lucio, while Sombra was buffed a little bit. In the options menu, you will now be able to enable the option of riding walls backwards. Sombra’s Hack cooldown was reduced to eight seconds from 12, while also decreasing the time it takes her to Hack something by 0.2 seconds, from 1 second to 0.8.