Overwatch APEX Season 2 – After the First Day

January 18, 2017 - Esports

One of the most exciting events in the quickly growing Overwatch scene, OGN’s APEX League has had the start of its second Season yesterday, with two matches. The winners of Season 1, Team EnVyUs played against MVP Infinity, while LW Blue played against the team ranked third in the world, Misfits.

The first match of the day between Team EnVyUs and MVP Infinity was an exciting one. The first map of the map of the Best of 5, Ilios, was won by the Korean MVP Infinity, when they captured and held two points to nV’s one. The Westerners weren’t about to roll over and die, however. Once it came time for the second map of the series, King’s Row, they successfully captured the point and moved the Payload to its final destination, while managing to stop MVP Infinity from doing the same.

Their triumph was short lived, however. MVP Infinity managed to capture both points on Temple of Anubis with 1 minute 48 seconds left on the clock, while holding Team EnVyUs to only one. nV weren’t about to give up, however. With their backs against the wall, they put on their big boy pants on Watchpoint: Gibraltar. They pushed the Payload all the way while somehow managing to hold off MVP Infinity… infinitely. The final match of the Best of 5, with both teams having 2 points apiece, was played on Hollywood. There, nV got two out of the three points, while only giving up 1 to MVP Infinity, winning the exciting series.

The other match between LW Blue and Misfits started off exciting, but ended in a decisive manner. The first map, Ilios, was won by LW Blue 2-1. The second, Hollywood, was probably the best in the game, with… 3 Overtimes. While both teams got two points out of the three, Misfits managed to move their Paylod 72.95 meters, while LW Blue moved it 69.09 meters.

After that, LW Blue weren’t up for games anymore. When the game moved to Volskaya Industries, they quickly took both Control Points and only gave Misfits one. It didn’t go much better for the Europeans on Watchpoint: Gibraltar either, they gave up all three points while only getting one. Watching the matches, the overwhelming power of the Group B teams was clearly on display. Misfits are ranked third in the world, but LW Blue were stronger. Lunatic-Hai are just as strong. The West is in trouble already, ladies and gentlemen.