Overwatch APEX Playoffs Matchups Are Set

November 16, 2016 - Esports

One of the more interesting tournaments in the short Competitive Overwatch history is coming to a close. Following the conclusion of the Group Stage, first place teams from each group were allowed to choose their opponents and timeslots, getting interviewed right after.

Going first, Lunatic-Hai, one of the most hyped Korean teams currently playing the game, chose to play the last match of the Playoffs, against KongDoo Uncia. We think it’s safe to say that if Lunatic-Hai can 3-1 the 1st ranked team in the world, EnVyUs, they should be able to slap down their Quarterfinal opponents too.

Second to choose, BK Stars, the somewhat surprising team, which 3-0’ed Group B without dropping a map, chose to play second, against LW Blue. The only way BK loses this match SHOULD be in case they actually fail to adjust to the new patch, which was dropped before the last day of the Group Stage of Overwatch APEX, creating a weird situation where the last two matches of Groups were played on a different patch then the rest of the matches, including the presence of Sombra, the newest champion to be added to the game.

Picking third, Rogue decided to play third, probably to give themselves more time to get used to the new patch. Their opponents, chosen completely voluntarily, were EnVyUs, the only team above them in the Overwatch team rankings. Asked about the decision to pick the best team in the world to play against, Rogue’s Dylan “aKm” Bignet started the trashtalk train by pointing out that EnVyUs is the best team in NA. This match will, without a doubt, be the most interesting and hyped set of games of the whole tournament up to that point. Hopefully, aKm can follow his big words with a victory.

Rogue’s choice to go third, despite giving them more time to prepare for the new patch, also sets them up to face Lunatic-Hai in the Semifinals, in case they win against KongDoo Uncia, the strongest team in the tournament aside from EnVyUs and Rogue itself. If Rogue wins against both, they will not only mostly ensure their victory in the tournament, but should also stop anyone from saying that they had an easy road to the Finals. In Overwatch, having to go through EnVyUs and Lunatic-Hai is NOT easy.

Finally, with no choice left, REUNITED was matched against Afreeca Freecs Blue, up to play first. The likely winner of this match is actually very hard to call. Looking at rankings, REUNITED should have to win, however, they messed up in their game against RunAway in Groups, while AF.Blue only lost to Rogue, the team, which hasn’t dropped a single point in a group which had AF.Blue, Flash Lux, and Rhinos Gaming Titan.

With all of that said, Afreeca Freecs Blue, BK Stars, Rogue, and Lunatic Hai should make it into the Semis. Once there, all bets are off, anything could happen. We only hope that Rogue won’t come to regret their BM shenanigans. The $90K for first place is not a small prize for the quickly growing Overwatch pro scene.