Overview of skins used by fnatic’s flusha

July 5, 2016 - Esports

After olofmeister took a break from CS:GO in order to recover from hand pain, 22 year old Robin “flusha” Rönnquist had to step up and pick up the slack, trying to win games with an incomplete roster. While the team was not the same, flusha proved to be a very good player, capable of stepping into the big boots left by olofmeister. As a result, he was the second fnatic player I looked at for this series.

The skins flusha uses are mostly simple and not flashy. While some of them can be seen in pro matches quite often, others showed up out of the blue. If not for flusha, I wouldn’t have known they existed, ignoring anything that’s not used by pros. Flusha’s skins have an even distribution of Souvenir and StatTrak, with several without either. What surprised me the most, however, was that flusha had no skin on his knife. Not even a cheap one. It’s weird. Though an argument could be made that you get badass points for knifing someone without a skin. Sepsis and things, who knows where that knife’s been before flusha found it in a corner of Dust2 as Terrorist.

To see more information about the skins flusha DOES use, click their names in the list below:

Souvenir USP-S | Royal Blue

Glock-18 | Water Elemental

Souvenir P250 | Sand Dune

StatTrak Desert Eagle | Crimson Web

StatTrak Tec-9 | Sandstorm

StatTrak CZ75-Auto | Pole Position

StatTrak M4A4 | Royal Paladin

Souvenir Galil AR | Hunting Blind

AWP | Man-o'-war

AK-47 | Fuel Injector

Souvenir UMP-45 | Blaze