Overview of skins used by EnVyUs’ kennyS

June 29, 2016 - Esports

Even though this article series isn’t that long yet, I noticed that it’s a little bit harder to write a good piece about an AWPer. It might be because teams play to put an AWP in their hands, especially when the player is of kennyS’ caliber. The skins used in the recent EnVyUs games represent this concept quite nicely.

Starting with pistols, kennyS went against the grain, choosing a StatTrak USP-S | Stainless instead of Kill Confirmed like the run of the mill CS:GO pro would. He makes up for it by using Glock-18 | Fade, however. kennyS also likes Whiteout for his P250, Blaze for Desert Eagle, and Souvenir VariCamo for Tec-9. Surprisingly, his most favorite pistol seems to be the Five-SeveN with StatTrak Nightshade.

When the team can’t afford an AWP for him, kennyS prefers M4A4 over M4A1-S like most pros, however, he didn’t fork out the dough for a Howl, using StatTrak Asiimov instead. Instead of Fire Serpent, preferred by many Riflers, kennyS used the cheaper StatTrak AK-47 | Vulcan. Finally, the most important skin for an AWPer – the AWP (duh). It comes as no surprise that kennyS uses AWP | Dragon Lore.

When kennyS or his team couldn’t put an AWP or rifle in his hands, the frenchman used MAC-10 | Silver. Running around as CT, he swung StatTrak Flip Knife | Marble Fade at the walls around him, switching it for Butterfly Knife | Slaughter as a Terrorist.

For your convenience, here's a list of all skins used by kennyS. Click on the weapon name to get more information.

StatTrak USP-S | Stainless

Glock-18 | Fade

P250 | Whiteout

Desert Eagle | Blaze

Souvenir Tec-9 | VariCamo

StatTrak Five-SeveN | Nightshade

StatTrak M4A4 | Asiimov

StatTrak AK-47 | Vulcan

AWP | Dragon Lore

MAC-10 | Silver

StatTrak Flip Knife | Marble Fade

Butterfly Knife | Slaughter