Overview of skins used by Astralis’ dev1ce in ECS

June 28, 2016 - Esports

One of the best players on Astralis, dev1ce, doesn’t like skins or he had some problems during the first two matches at ECS LAN. At least that’s the impression I’m getting after watching his short-lived appearance at ECS Season 1 Finals. Seeking to confirm that it’s not a fluke, I even watched some of his matches in Dreamhack Zowie Open. He didn’t have a skin on his AK-47 then and he didn’t have it in the first two games of the ECS LAN either. Inexplicably, dev1ce did have some pretty nice skins in the last match of the tournament.

His default pistols had no finish until the last match, when he got Souvenir USP-S | Road Rash and Glock-18 | Brass, while his Desert Eagle had Conspiracy at all times. This is quite… fitting when you keep in mind this whole confusing debacle. Dev1ce bought P250 quite often. When he did, he used the StatTrak P250 | Supernova skin or none at all, while his last pistol skin to be used was CZ-75 Auto | Victoria.

Once dev1ce decided that having skins on his rifles might help him to win, he got M4A4 | Howl, M4A1-S | Knight, when the map called for the M4 with a silencer, StatTrak AK-47 | Redline, which loses its purpose when you don’t use it constantly, AWP | Dragon Lore (!!!), and StatTrak FAMAS | Valence. Let’s just say this, dev1ce doesn’t usually use skins, but when he does, he goes all out.

Finally, dev1ce didn’t use SMGs much, with only the StatTrak UMP-45 | Riot making a brief appearance. His knives always had a skin applied to them, however. His favored ones were StatTrak Bayonet | Night and Bayonet | Doppler Ruby. Finally, someone who’s at least a little bit consistent! Both of his knives were Bayonets, though he didn’t keep to the Doppler theme favored by some others.

The list of skins used by dev1ce:

Click the name to see more information.


Souvenir USP-S | Road Rash

Glock-18 | Brass

StatTrak P250 | Supernova

Desert Eagle | Conspiracy

CZ-75 Auto | Victoria


M4A4 | Howl

M4A1-S | Knight

StatTrak AK-47 | Redline

AWP | Dragon Lore

StatTrak FAMAS | Valence


StatTrak UMP-45 | Riot


StatTrak Bayonet | Night

Bayonet | Doppler Crimson