OpTic Gaming Win ELEAGUE Season 2. Wait, What?

December 5, 2016 - Esports

Just like traditional sports, eSports are awesome because sometimes amazing things happen. Actually, in eSports, amazing upsets are even more likely than they normally are due to to the fact that there are no true physical requirements, like being able to jump harder or run faster, which would seriously impede the performance of a basketball team. In eSports, while it rarely happens, it is nevertheless possible for underdogs to win a tournament. That is precisely what happened in the ELEAGUE Season 2 Playoffs, where OpTic Gaming, the little team that could, won the whole tournament despite it being populated by the Who’s Who of competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Before the tournament, OpTic Gaming was seeded into Group D, together with the contenders for the title of best team in the world, Team Dignitas, the drastically weaker than before Fnatic, and Team EnVyUs, which is more famous for its Overwatch team than the CS:GO one, even though at one time it was better than almost any team in the world. OpTic managed to leave the group in 2nd place after Team Dignitas with a 2-1 score, losing in an Overtime match against Fnatic and dodging facing DIG when they won against nV and Fnatic to make it into the Playoffs with a 2-0.

In the Quarterfinals, OpTic was paired of with the conventionally weakest team in the tournament aside from themselves, mousesports. They made quick work of them in the first match on Train (16-7) and had a bit more trouble on Cache (16-11), but still managed to 2-0 their opponents.

Then, in the Semifinals, OpTic had to face FaZe Clan, which knocked out the tournament favorites (aside from SK Gaming and Team Dignitas), FaZe had a very good time as of late, playing better than they have in a long time. Despite that, they couldn’t stand up to OpTic. On the first map, Train, OpTic crushed FaZe 16-3, while the second match of the series was close once again. The little team that could still won Overpass, 16-12.

In the Grand Finals, OpTic faced Astralis. Not many people expected a matchup like that in the Final, when the Playoffs started with teams like SK Gaming, Team Dignitas, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and in the running for the title. Through the luck of the draw and upset-y outcomes of some of the Playoff matches, however, OpTic was in a great spot to upset the whole tournament. In three maps, that’s precisely what they did. The first map to be played, Train, didn’t go as OpTic hoped for once, Astralis won 16-11. Then, OpTic caught up on Cobblestone, 16-6, and closed out the series on Overpass, 16-11.

Yes, it’s a fact that OpTic didn’t have the hardest path to travel in terms of big name teams they needed to face in order to qualify for the Playoffs or even to win those when they got there, however, they still had to win matches against both FaZe Clan, which took out and Astralis, which took out Ninjas in Pyjamas and SK Gaming, which, in turn, won against Team Dignitas, proving themselves to be worthy of the Finals. Is OpTic the best team in the world now? Of course not. Are they more worthy of being counted among the teams to look out for in any tournament? Yes, we believe they are.