OGN Overwatch APEX – Team EnVyUs Wipe Out Afreeca Freecs Blue

December 6, 2016 - Esports

When it was announced that Team EnVyUs were to use a substitute for their Overwatch APEX Playoffs matches, most people wrote the best team in the world off, especially when it turned out that their opponent was to be Rogue, one of the then strongest contenders for the nV’s title at the time. As it turns out, we shouldn’t have worried. The guy who stood in for Ronnie “Talespin” DuPree, Pongphop “Mickie” Rattanasangohod, played like a D.Va god in the tournament. The rest of the roster adapted to the changing circumstances, even playing different roles, and managed to win the whole tournament.

While coming into their Quarter and Semifinals matches, EnVyUs were underdogs, they showed that they can play despite the unfortunate situation before the Finals. As a result, many people thought that the match should be quite close. It wasn’t. Starting with Nepal, where EnVyUs got two points in short order and won the whole map, the series wasn’t going the Koreans’ way at all.

While AF.Blue faired a little bit better on Hollywood, at least getting one point, Team EnVyUs won the map nevertheless, getting 2 with 2 minutes left on the clock. An inkling of a comeback reared its head on Volskaya Industries, where both teams played a somewhat close match, but EnVyUs still came out ahead, getting both points.

Finally, with their backs against the wall and having no right to lose, AF.Blue tried to get back into the series on Watchpoint: Gibraltar. While nV did not play very well only get one of the three objectives while attacking, they were superb on defense, not giving Afreeca Freecs Blue any objectives at all, winning the best of seven in a sweep, and winning OGN Overwatch Open, showing that while South Korea may have won the World Championship at BlizzCon, its clubs aren’t the strongest. Yet. They will probably be, someday.

After the series concluded, fans immediately started calling for Mickie to play for the team full time. While the player seemingly meshes with the team very well, he pulls players out of their preferred roles, making it a poor long-term solution. Also, Mickie is especially good on D.Va, which will not be The meta pick to play all the time. What happens when it goes out of favor again? Even discounting the likely communication issues that are likely to arise when one of the players on the team is from Thailand, EnVyUs can find a better sixth member of their team now that they have time to actually look.