OG Win the Boston Major, Become Three-Time Major Champions

December 12, 2016 - Esports
OG Win the Boston Major, Become Three-Time Major Champions

In Dota 2, just like in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the Majors are the biggest tournaments of the year, aside from The International, which dwarfs in scale anything that’s happening in the eSports scene as a whole. With a prize pool of $3,000,000 USD, a single tournament like this outdoes both CS:GO Majors and the League of Legends World Championship. Naturally, the most recent Dota 2 Major, taking place in Boston, was a big deal, with most of the best teams in the world fighting for their slice of the prize pool pie.

Different from their fiasco at The International 2016, OG managed to win the whole tournament. The event went smoothly for one of the best Dota 2 teams in the world, starting with the group stage. Seeded into Group D, where they had EHOME, Ad Finem, and iG Vitality to contend with, OG didn’t have much trouble, qualifying for the Main Event with a 2-0 score, winning both best of threes they played with a 2-1 score.

In their first match against iG.V, OG crushed their opponents in less than 25 minutes in Game 1, lost Game 2 in almost 33 minutes, and then adapted, taking the decider away in 27 minutes and 32 seconds. Then, OG had to face the team which defeated EHOME, Ad Finem. OG once again crushed their opponents in Game 1, winning in less than 22 minutes, lost Game 2 in almost 32, and clinched the decider in 31 minutes and 33 seconds after adapting to the enemy’s winning comp.

In the main event, the competition was a bit more serious. OG fought and defeated MVP Phoenix in two matches, had a little bit more trouble against WG.Unity, having to play three games to move to the Semifinals, where they were faced with Evil Geniuses. While not as quick as their match against MVP, the SF match had the same result as before – OG won, 2-0. The last hurdle in OG’s way to the trophy was, once again, Ad Finem, the team they won against in the Group Stage with the score of 2-1. This time, however, it was to be a best of five, providing Ad Finem with a greater chance for an upset.

Even though Ad Finem had to fight through some serious competition in Newbee, LGD.ForeverYoung, and Digital Chaos to make into the Finals, they weren’t up to properly facing a team of OG’s caliber and form. The first two games went decidedly in OG’s favor, Ad Finem managed to win the third match to have at least some hope of getting back into the game, however, OG were thought to be the favorites of the match for a reason. It took 38 minutes, but they managed to win the last match of the series, becoming three time Major champions with their Boston win. Even though OG looked to be head and shoulders above their opponents, the matches took longer to end than any other in the series OG played overall. Even the game Ad Finem won lasted a bit more than 79 minutes, which is a long ass time even by Dota 2 standards.