NALCS – TSM vs. TL Week One Recap

June 7, 2016 - Esports

As the perennial 4th place team, which recently suspended their starting Jungler, TL would have probably preferred not having to face TSM in their first week. Alas, what happens happens. I for one, was quite happy to see this matchup so soon, as I actually like both teams.

Game 1

TL decided that trying to ban out the rookie support is a good idea, because they targeted both Karma and Braum, taking away Nidalee as well. TSM banned out Azir, Zyra, and Kindred. While the Zyra ban was a little bit weird, Immortals did use it to great effect, so we can give them that.

TSM team comps were Ekko Top, Rek’sai Jungle, Ryze (!!!) Mid, Sivir ADC, and Nami Support. The effort to shut down Biofrost turned against Team Liquid because Bjergsen got a beast of a champion for himself. Ekko Top for Hauntzer promised great things with the game against CLG fresh in our minds, Svenskeren is known to be a good Rek’sai. What surprised us was Doublelift on Sivir. He usually doesn’t play too many team focused AD Carries, tho he did play it in pro matches before, of course. With Karma and Braum banned, Biofrost pulled out one more support.

Team Liquid picked Maokai, Graves, Anivia, Lucian, and Soraka. I was surprised to see Anivia, to be honest. Lucian is a good champion against Sivir and stupid strong besides that, of course, EVERYTHING is good vs. Sivir. At least in lane. Soraka… Why do people stop opponents from playing League of Legends? At least Matt isn’t as evil as Adrian.

To put it simply, TSM simply stomped TL in almost 32 minutes, with an almost 17k gold lead, all without losing a single tower. Ok, ggwp, I guess.

Game 2

In game 2, TL still didn’t learn, banning Karma and Braum, as well as Hauntzer’s Ekko. TL answered with the sensible option of Nidalee, Ryze, and Kindred being taken away from the game. TL comp had Maokai top, Lee Sin Jungle PLAYED BY DARDOCH, Viktor Mid, Ezreal ADC, and Nami Support. TSM picked Swainn Top, Rek’sai Jungle, Azir Mid, Lucian ADC, and Bard Support. Taking away a Support and giving Doublelift Lucian + Azir to Bjergsen is wurf. Fo sho, boys.

In 32 minutes, with a 13,3k gold lead and Biofrost having KDA of 7,5 on Bard, TSM won the game and swept Liquid. I not much to say, in my opinion. The only thing left to talk about is – it appears that the Liquid organisation isn’t too happy with how Moon was doing in game, so they replaced him with Dardoch. Can it be that they chose raw skill over order? It could be, we will find out.