NA LCS – After Week 2

January 30, 2017 - Esports

The second week of the NA LCS Spring Split 2017 is over. While a couple of teams are where you would expect them to be in the standings, two others are punching way above their weight, or so it would have seemed before the season started.

In the first place with a 4-0 match score, having won 8 out of their 10 games, there’s Cloud9. If it was the 2016 season, their first match of the week would have been extremely exciting as C9 faced Immortals. Now, however, it is less so, mostly due to the team’s inferior Bot Lane, when comparing it to what it was last season. Needless to say, Cloud9 2-0’ed their opponents. In the second match of the week, C9 played Counter Logic Gaming. Strangely enough, despite their lacking in individual prowess, CLG managed to put up a harder fight against C9, making them play three games.

Surprisingly in second place in the standings with a 3-1 score and 7-2 game score is Phoenix1, led by former Immortals Support, Adrian “Adrian” Ma. This week, they faced Team EnVyUs and Team Liquid. The first match of the two was supposed to be a little bit easier, but it didn’t turn out like that. Phoenix1 actually had more trouble in Game 1 against Team EnVyUs than they did in either of the matches against Liquid, despite the monster Jungler and ADC they have. It seems like Liquid’s Mid Lane situation isn’t working out so far.

In third place is FlyQuest eSports with a 3-1 match score and 7-3 game score. This week, they had an easy-like schedule, playing against CLG and Echo Fox. Weirdly enough, even though they won against CLG in two games, they could do the same against EFox. In fact, they not only had to play three games, they actually lost the series. It’s very possible that Echo Fox managed to tilt their opponents by running Camille Support and winning the game, making FlyQuest ban it in the following two games.

Finally, in fourth place, with a 3-1 match score and a 6-5 game score, there’s Team SoloMid. Their victorious week following the fiasco that was the season opener against Cloud9 wasn’t set to be easy. TSM had to play against both Team Dignitas and Team Liquid. Both teams have a lot of potential in some lanes, possibly even outstripping the reigning LCS Champions’ roster in some places, like the Jungle and AD Carry in case of Liquid and Top and possibly jungle compared to Team Dignitas. Despite the hard fight to be had, TSM managed to win both series and stopped the incoming disaster which would have imploded Reddit with the cries of TSM fanbois if they lost.