Mythic Black Rook Hold

September 8, 2016 - Esports

Continuing our guide series for the Mythic dungeons in World of Warcraft: Legion, we will talk about Black Rook Hold now. Assuming you read our guides on Eye of Azshara, Halls of Valor, and Maw of Souls, you should be knowledgeable enough to deal with BRH trash, so we will only discuss bosses in this guide.

The Amalgam of Souls

The first thing to do when fighting Amalgam is making sure that it doesn’t face the whole party because of its Reap Soul, which cleaves targets in front of him, inflicting 2,018,852 damage and increasing damage taken by 100% for 30 seconds. Obviously, even the group’s tank would have a hard time with this ability, so, as soon as the boss starts casting it, the tank should run THROUGH the boss to avoid it. Even if he survives the initial hit and the following damage, the effect stacks in Heroic and Mythic. Don’t get hit. Ever.

The next ability in stage one you should be aware of is Amalgam of Souls Swirling Scythe. The boss throws a… scythe, which deals 274,326 damage and knocks the player back. While the damage isn’t too high, the ability is avoidable, so it’s smart to minimize the damage and making the healer’s job easier by getting the hell out of the way. The final ability in Stage one is called Soul Echoes. When targeted, there will be purple stuff around you and soul echoes will appear at your position. If you don’t move, they will explode, dealing 475,024 damage to anyone caught in the blast. The best thing to do is to move keep moving away from the group until the effect runs out. Just… don’t run through your group or you will deal a lot of damage to them and they will hate you.

When you get the boss to 50%, it will stop attacking and start channeling an ability called Called of Souls, while makes the Restless Souls that appear all around the room move slowly towards the boss. If a Soul reaches Amalgam, he will absorb it and gain a 50% boost to the damage of his last ability, Soul Burst. What does Soul Burst do? Well, it blows, of course. For 1,068,804 damage + any bonus for absorbed Souls. You have to kill or otherwise stop Restless Souls from reaching the boss. While stunning and other similar methods might work, bursting them down before they can Contribute to Soul Burst, is the safest option.

TL;DR – Phase 1 – Tank away from group, walk through boss to dodge Reap Soul, dodge Swirling Scythe, and kite Soul Echoes away from group.

Phase 2 – Kill Restless Souls as fast as possible, kill boss, and brace for Soul Burst.

Illysanna Ravencrest

Just like Amalgam of Souls, Illysanna Ravencrest has two stages. In the first one, the tanks should ensure that they use active mitigation abilities when the boss uses Vengeful Shear, because it inflicts 1,829,410 Physical damage and increases the tank’s damage taken by 100% for 25 seconds if he DOESN’T use active mitigation. If that wasn’t enough, the effect also stacks. The 1,8m damage is reason enough to try and lessen the strike, but the stacking doubleup of incoming damage is the real killer.

The party should spread out when the boss is about to use Brutal Glaive, because the ability, which deals 290,028 damage and DoTs for 134,922 damage every 2 seconds for 30 seconds, can bounce to any nearby players. Spreading out forever won’t work, however, because Illysanna’s next ability, Dark Rush, makes the boss fixate on more than one player, dashing between them, dealing 247,002 damage and leaving a Blazing Trail. Blazing trail is a… trail of fire which ticks for 347,397 damage every 2 seconds, as long as you’re standing in it. If you stay spread out, she could dash all over the room, covering the floor in fire.

When Phase 2 begins, Illysanna will target evil green Eye Beams at random people. They need to kite them away from the group. If your healer is a real man whom you trust, you could just keep DPSing, however, talk about that beforehand or the pure kind soul might enrage.

At this point, Illysanna will also summon two ads, Risen Vanguard and Risen Arcanist. You need to interrupt Arcanist’s Arcane Blitz because it deals moderate damage with a stacking 50% increase in damage. Risen Vanguards should be tanked away from the group because of their Bonecrushing Strike, which cleaves and stuns everyone in front of it.

TL;DR – Tanks should mitigate Vengeful Slash, the rest should spread out for Brutal Glaive, group up for Dark Rush, don’t Stand in Blazing Trail, kite Eye Beams away from the group interrupt Risen Arcanist and make sure that Vanguards don’t face the party.

Smashspite the Hateful

The first thing to worry about is Smashspite’s Hateful Gaze and the resulting Hateful Charge. It targets a random player with the Gaze and charges him, dealing 1,085,747 Physical damage, and increasing that player’s damage taken from Hateful Charge by 300% for 1 minute. Obviously, taking 2 charges within a minute is a death sentence, so you should intercept it by standing between the targeted player and Smashspite if the targeted player has the debuff and you don’t.

Up next, is Brutality. With every melee attack, Smashspite stacks up Brutality. When it reaches 100, he uses Brutal Haymaker, which punches his current target (the tank) in the face for 2,010,013 Physical damage and increases his damage taken by 75% for the next 15 seconds. The damage spike alone would be considerable, warranting the use of defensive cooldowns, however, the considerable damage take increase makes it so that both the tank and the healer should pop most of their stuff to make sure that the tank survives the initial hit and the next 15 seconds.

Finally, Smashspite has the ability to call a Felbat which vomits (the ability is ACTUALLY called Fel Vomit, maybe the bats have an eating disorder?) Fel goo on a target, creating a line of Fel Vomitus on the ground from it to the target, which deals 532,250 damage to anyone who touches it. Once you get targeted to get some Vomit in your direction, you should move to make sure that the vomit won’t cover the whole room.

Finally, Smashspite also uses Earthshaking Stomp, which deals 526,008 Physical damage to everyone, also knocking them back. There’s not much to do to avoid it, to be honest, so just take it like a man.

TL;DR – Intercept Hateful Charge if you don’t have the debuff and the target does, place Fel Vomit where nobody’s going to slip on it, healers and tanks should look out during and after Brutal Haymaker.

Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest

The first thing to avoid when fighting Kur’talos is his Whirling Blade, which is a targeted projectile, which flies at the playing and back, continuing the back and forth, dealing 810,509 Physical damage to anyone it touches and knocking them back.

Additionally, Kur’talos’ minion, Latosius, will use Dark Blasts, which shoot a straight line in front of him, dealing 1,840,718 damage to anyone they hit and knocking them back You get some warning before it goes, so you should sidestep it and keep moving to avoid it when needed.

When Phase 2 begins, use any cooldowns to reduce damage taken from the first Shadow Bolt Volley, which will deal 1,315,816 damage to everyone in the group, as you won’t have the 300% health pool increase from Legacy of the Ravencrest yet.

Next, just avoid the green clouds of fumes because they can put you to sleep, it will last until you are woken up by taking damage or leaving the cloud. Next up, Dantalionax spawns Stinging Swarm, which DoTs the target for 605,181 Physical damage every second with a chance to stun. You should run into melee range so that it becomes easier to kill The Swarm.

Also, Dantelionax splits into several images and casts Dark Obliteration, a blue stream of death, which deals 6,056,555 Shadow damage in a line. Each image shoots the beam in a sequence. You will have to keep moving to avoid all of them.

TL;DR – Don’t get hit by flying blades, avoid Dark Blast lines, pop cooldowns to reduce Shadow Bolt Volley damage after Phase 2 begins, don’t stand in Zikl… Cloud of Hypnosis, move into melee range with The Swarm on your ass, and dodge blue lasers of DOOM, Dark Obliteration.