MonteCristo and DoA Will Not Cast LCK

January 11, 2017 - Esports

Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykkles and Erik “DoA” Lonnquist. The best casting duo in League of Legends, known for the informative analysis of what’s happening and hilarious offtopic commentary, which made the analysis all the sweeter because of how funny it was. The two casters single-handedly popularized watching the Korean League of Legends matches in the Western world. They were probably the best casters in the game, especially when the game had anything to do with their region, South Korea. Well, no more. MonteCristo and DoA will no longer cast the LCK.

To be honest, the writing has been on the wall for a while now. Both casters were nowhere to be seen in World Championship 2017, MonteCristo has been clashing with the developers of League of Legends, Riot Games, about various topics, including industry-standard compensation for freelance casters, the team he used to own, Renegades, and Riot’s policies concerning a wide variety of things. The first indications that MonteCristo and DoA are angling towards a transition into another game came when Overwatch was released. The caster duo worked at BlizzCon, shoutcasting the World Championship 2016 and continuing their work in the new eSports title at the Overwatch APEX Season 1, broadcast on OGN.

Even though MonteCristo and DoA are out of LoL, it’s not a very big loss for the game, Chris “Papasmithy” Smith did a good job at the World Championship. He will continue replacing Monte and DoA together with Seth “Achillios” King and an unnamed third caster in the English broadcasts of the LCK. It’s just a pity that the most exciting LCK season yet won’t be brought to us by the most exciting caster duo. LoL’s loss is Overwatch’s gain, however. The new game is hard to cast, professional and amateur casters from various games are trying to find the best way to cast Overwatch. MonteCristo and DoA will surely contribute to figuring out this difficult puzzle.

This won’t be the first time Monte and DoA cast Blizzard Entertainment’s games either. Both started their casting careers with Blizzard games, Monte with WarCraft III and DoA with StarCraft. Going by the comments MonteCristo made after working for Blizzard at BlizzCon, it seems like he should be much happier in the new game. From all accounts, Blizzard treats freelance talent much better than Riot Games does. Even if they didn’t like something, there aren’t really that many options despite their casting skill and experience. They have burned too many bridges with Riot Games to come back. Of course, OGN is independent from Riot Games, however, the developer could conceivably put pressure on the Koreans to not take the two casters back to cast League. They will certainly keep working with OGN’s Overwatch division in the future, however.