Misfits Team Profile

January 4, 2018 - Esports
Misfits Team Profile

This article is part of a series aimed at introducing the teams that are going to play at the ELEAGUE Major Boston. To see profiles of other teams, click on the images at the bottom of the article.

The ELEAGUE Major Boston is going to be the first tournament to feature a new structure where the Offline Qualifier is played under the umbrella of the Major instead of it being a separate event. We’re looking at all teams set to take part in the event, starting with the Minors’ Champions, teams which will play in the new Play-In stage of the event.

The next team we would like to talk about is Misfits.

With Sean “seangares” Gares and Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan as the team’s core, they have  some fans, especially with Miami Heat backing the organization. That doesn’t mean that the team is particularly strong, reflected by the fact that they had to go through the Americas Minor to have a shot at appearing at the ELEAGUE Major Boston.

The Roster

Aside from seangares and ShahZaM, the Misfits lineup also has Hunter “SicK” Mims, François “AmaNEk” Delauney and David “devoduvek” Dobrosavljevic, who was briefly signed to Team EnVyUs before being replaced by Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom.

Some people say that seangares is a good in-game leader and ShahZaM is a solid AWPer, the two played for teams like Team SoloMid and Echo Fox in the past, but we can’t really see it, going by Misfits’ performance in events where their opposition doesn’t begin and end with NA squads.

Team Stats

Misfits have played 152 maps with their current lineup, winning 85 and losing 67. In these maps, they had 14,040 kills and 13,441 deaths, making for a K/D Ratio of 1.04. With that said, they have been playing a lot in the top-heavy NA region.

Looking at their most played maps, Mirage, Train, Overpass and Cache are on top, though they have played Nuke, Cobblestone and Inferno more than 10 times each as well.

Mirage is deservedly their most played map because the team has a 56.2% win rate on it, having won 18 and lost 14 times. The next map in terms of popularity, Train, tends to go less in their favor, they won 14 and lost 17 times. Overpass and Cache are next on the list. Weirdly enough, these two maps tend to bring them a lot of success. They have a 17-9 record on Overpass and 15-9 on Cache.

Misfits also have winning records on Nuke (10-5) and Cobblestone (7-6) but their Inferno performance leaves a lot to be desired with a 4-7 record.

Recent Results

Looking at Misfits’ results, it seems like the team is on a bit of rise, having actually reached the Semifinals of the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals, where they lost to the eventual winners, SK Gaming. With that said, their opponent in the Quarterfinals, HellRaisers, is not what you think of when you hear the words “World Class Team”. Granted, Misfits themselves don’t come up in that conversation either.

Aside from this triumph at the EPL S6 Finals, the team placed 5-6th in the iBUYPOWER Masters 2017, won CyberPowerPC Extreme Gaming Series Fall 2017, took 5-6th at DreamHack Open Atlanta 2017 and 7-8th at DreamHack Open Valencia 2017.