Meteos Traded to Phoenix1; to Sub In Against Cloud9

February 17, 2017 - Esports
Meteos Traded to Phoenix1; to Sub In Against Cloud9

William “Meteos” Hartman’s days of playing the Jungle position for Cloud9 seem to be over irrevocably. While he has been relegated to sub status in favor of the former C9 Challenger team’s Jungler Juan “Contractz” Garcia before the 2017 Spring Split began, there was still a chance that he would wear the C9 jersey on stage in the future. Now, it seems to be all but impossible, because Meteos was transferred to Phoenix1 in exchange of cash to stand in for Rami “Inori” Charagh in the following Phoenix1 matches against Team EnVyUs and Cloud9.

While it could have been possible that Cloud9 were just loaning Meteos to P1 for the week while Inori is taking care of personal matters, even though the player would have to play against their own team, Riot Games have confirmed that Meteos was permanently transferred to the Phoenix1 organization. His fate after Inori comes back from his break is unknown. Unless Phoenix1 are unsatisfied with his performance, Meteos will more than likely stay as a permanent sub on Phoenix1. Of course, if Inori’s performance is lacking in the eyes of his org or the personal matters prove to be too much to be taken care of quickly, we might see Meteos wearing a Phoenix1 jersey on stage on a more permanent basis.

Meteos came into prominence after qualifying for the LCS from the Challenger Series with the original Cloud9 roster which took the LCS by storm. He was noted for his farm-heavy Jungle style, which allowed him to make high impact plays in the later parts of the game on Junglers like his famous Zac. His playstyle has also been criticized in the latter parts of his career for relying on the solo laners winning their lanes to not fall behind in the early game. While the C9 team could usually do it in NA, this proved to be a big problem in international play, because the combination of laners falling behind to more lane-dominant opponents and Meteos farming the Jungle and having no impact early led to some high-profile losses for Cloud9.

It’s unlikely that Meteos has changed how he plays since we last saw him in a LAN. Fortunately for him and Phoenix1, the team does have pretty good laners who might be able to keep up with their opponents until Meteos feels like making the game a 5v5. Of course, despite the harsh words, Meteos is a supremely skilled player. He might actually be an improvement over Inori, especially if the team makes changes in their playstyle to accommodate him.