LoL Worlds: SKT and C9 make it out of Group B

October 10, 2016 - Esports

It’s Monday, which means that the Group Phase battles in the League of Legends World Championships are now over. If you spent your weekend doing something else than keeping up with eSports (why would you miss this, though?), we’re here to tell you what happened.

Group B had two clear favorites coming into the last matches of the Group Phase. The burden of making something exciting happen was on the other two teams, I May and Flash Wolves, because Cloud9 and SK Telecom were somewhat comfortably occupying the first two seeds in the group.

Well, the matches started off interesting, with I May defeating Flash Wolves, despite having to play with a weird roster, where their Jungler played Alistar Support, while the mid sub went into the Jungle on Lee Sin. With that in mind, the fact that Flash Wolves managed to lose the game, in a 41 minute slugfest which was quite close for most of that time before I May managed to get a 10k gold lead. This was a very weird game. While you should be able to win games in Dynamic Queue with two of your team’s players playing off roles, this is NOT Dynamic Queue. This is the freaking Worlds. No team, which manages to lose against a setup like this deserves to get out of groups.

Following the clown fiesta, the two strongest teams of the group, SKT and C9, faced off on the Rift in the most interesting matchup of the tournament. Showing maturity and trust in Jensen’s abilities, C9 didn’t rise to The God’s Passive, Global Taunt, focusing Meteos’ efforts on trying to help out C9’s Ezreal against the stronger early game champion Jhin, picked by SKT. Unfortunately, the strategy didn’t work that well. Yes, C9 got first blood, however, SK Telecom’s macro play was much stronger in this game. Slowly but surely, the Koreans choked out the NA team, taking advantage of macro mistakes and positioning blunders to get themselves a lead and finally close out the game at a little bit over 50 minutes.

Up next, the embarrassed Flash Wolves faced Cloud9, trying to get their mojo back after the unfortunate match vs. I May. Well, the Wolves went ham, there is no other way to say it. In nearly 40 minutes, with the score of 14 to 2 kills and a 15k gold advantage, with only two towers of their own taken, Flash Wolves took C9’s Nexus and won the game. It’s a pity that the Americans dropped the ball, the beginning of the match was promising, with Meteos landing a great, practically undodgeable spear on Wolves’ Poppy. Unfortunately for C9, FW took the hit like men, finding advantages in other places and snowballing them into a victory.

The last three matches of Group B, where SKT played against IM, IM tried to win against C9, and FW tried to resist the power of SKT, when just as you would expect. The Koreans won against the two weaker teams of the group, while C9 picked up the win against the Chinese. While the winner was mostly certain in the match between I May and Cloud9, we could have had a huge upset, almost on the level of Albus NoX Luna making it into the Playoffs, if the Chinese managed to win against C9. Fortunately for NA pride, everything went as expected. As a result, SKT and C9 made it out of the Group.