LoL Worlds Play-In Is Done

October 2, 2017 - Esports
LoL Worlds Play-In Is Done

After a full week of games, the League of Legends World Championship Play-In Stage is over.

While we expected Cloud9, Fnatic, Team WE and Gambit.CIS to make it out to the Group Stage, Gambit disappointed. In Round 1 of the Play-In, they failed to win a single match, letting Lyon Gaming through to Round 1.

Of course, it wouldn’t have changed much if Gambit came through and had to play against Cloud9 as Lyon did—the NA team is too strong for either of the wildcards.

Previously, we’ve talked about the first two matches of the Play-In Round 2, where Cloud9 swept Lyon Gaming, while Fnatic did the same to HK Attitude in best of 3 series.

On Friday, 1907 Fenerbahçe played against Team oNe eSports, while Team WE faced off against Young Generation, the team which has actually stood up to Fnatic.

In the series between Fenerbahçe and oNe, the Turkish took an early lead in the series after a reasonably short stomp, where their mid and ADC popped off on Taliyah and Kalista respectively, with considerable help from the rest of the team.

It looked different in the next game, however. After banning the Taliyah Fenerbahçe used to such great effect in the previous game, as well as taking away Maokai top, oNe managed to force their Turkish opponents to completely change their strategy, which allowed them to win a 38-minute game, tying the match score.

Unfortunately, that seems to be all they had in the tank. 1907 Fenerbahçe recovered very well and found a way to win the last two games, with especially impressive performances by their AD Carry, Ege “padden” Acar on Twitch and Kog’Maw.

While the match between 1907 Fenerbahçe and Team oNe eSports was at least a little bit contested, Team WE weren’t in the mood to have the same experience against YG, drawing inspiration from what their fellow favorites, Cloud9 and, to a lesser extent, Fnatic did in their own Round 2 series.

The first game of the series between Team WE and Young Generation was… short. It took WE just over 25 minutes to win, even though it’s not like they kept killing their opponents over and over again until they were worth less than a caster minion. Instead, Team WE played more around objectives and smart rotations, allowing them to use their advantage all the way to the YG Nexus without turning the game into an outright bloodbath.

The second game of the series was a bit more even. Young Generation’s Võ “Naul” Thành Luân popped off on Syndra and managed to help his team stop Team WE from doing what they did in Game 1; however, it wasn’t enough in the end, because the Chinese still won. It just took them longer, 32 minutes.

In the third game, Team WE banned Naul’s Syndra and had a fast game once again, with Jin “Mystic” Sung-jun being the Ass-Whooper-in-Chief on the Team WE side. All in all, the match took 26 minutes and Team WE predictably made it to the Group Stage.

Speaking of the Group Stage, Cloud9 were seeded into Group A with EDward Gaming, SK Telecom T1, and ahq e-Sports Club, Fnatic went to Group B with Longzhu Gaming, Immortals, and GIGABYTE Marines, 1907 Fenerbahçe were seeded into Group C with G2 Esports, Samsung Galaxy, and Royal Never Give Up, while Team WE went to Group D with Flash Wolves, Misfits, and Team SoloMid.LoL Worlds Play-In Is Done