League of Legends Ranked Season 2017 To Begin Tomorrow – What’s Up in Patch 6.24?

December 6, 2016 - Esports

A good start to your ranked journey might be negligible in the grand scheme of things if you’re one of these awesome people who play 1000+ games in a season, however, getting up to a good start can still help with motivation in the beginning. With that in mind, here are the most important changes that are supposed to be introduced in 6.24, the patch which hails the beginning of the Ranked season.

The first change we’d like to talk about is the state of Vayne after the patch hits. Currently, that Teemo-level bull…crap champion can two shot most squishies in the game with two items. In 6.24, jos damage should be brought down a bit by lowering the scaling from AD, on his Q, Tumble, from 30-70% to 30-50%. With the changes, Vayne will still be strong as hell in the current meta of tanks and assassins he excels at fight against, however, the hax two shots shouldn’t be happening anymore.

Up next, Riot took notice that nobody picked Varus in the Bot Lane, only occasionally playing it in Mid. They’re trying to tug up his power level by making him gain bonus attack speed on kill. 20% bonus attack speed + 25% of your bonus attack speed) when he kills minions and 40% + (50% of your bonus attack speed) when he kills Champions. It’s not likely that Varus is going to suddenly become a total beast, however, this might actually make him more useable. Essentially, this should work similar to how Jinx’s Passive works.

Also, Riot seem to be taking steps to reign in the Level 3 Jungle gank nonsense that was making people hate their life for a couple of weeks now. If you don’t know how that works… The Jungler takes Red, getting Level 2. Then, he clears Krugs, get’s Level 3, has all of his abilities to your 2 because you’re still Level 2 in a lane, and ganks Top on Red side, Bottom on Blue side, often getting his team First Blood and making them snowball. This should no longer be possible in the next patch, Junglers will have to clear three camps to get Level 3 now. This is kinda sorta maybe a nerf to champions like Lee Sin, Elise, Rek’Sai, Hecarim and so on, which really liked being able to take their three abilities and at least trying to make something happen.

Another change is supposed to be made to the Blue Sentinel. From now on, it will no longer give you 15% of your AP, however, its duration was increased to 2 minutes or 120 seconds from 90 seconds. This is supposed to bring down the power of AP Mid Laners in the late game a little bit, but it also makes for a bigger torture fest playing the lane when your opponent has Blue and you don’t.

Next, Fervor of Battle is getting tweaked a little bit. It’s duration is getting increased to 6 seconds, you will get 1 – 8 AD per stack, up from 1 – 6 AD, while the max stacks are lowered to 8. All in all, it seems like a small buff to the Keystone. Now, it’s actually a good option for champions like Shyvana, provided that they can actually stick to a target long enough to land 4 auto attacks. Of course, champions like Twitch, Ezreal, and Lucian will enjoy this change too.

Next, a big change is coming to Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. In 6.24, it’s supposed to give you 100 less HP, 25 less AP, slow less by 25%, and cost 600 gold less to compensate. This seems to be a direct nerf to AP Mages like Ahri who actually like to build it sometimes, however, it gets stronger in the Support role, because aggressive AP Supports like Brand and Zyra will be able to gain access to its (admittedly nerfed) effect earlier.

That’s not all that’s going to change in the next patch, however, these changes are the most important. To see if your favorite champion or masteries got changed, read the official Patch Notes. Self sufficiency is a good thing sometimes, right?