Immortals Upset NiP – Dreamhack Zowie Open Summer 2016 Grand Final

June 22, 2016 - Esports

Dreamhack Zowie Open Summer 2016  took place on the 20th June, in Sweden. After the group phase, the participants of the Grand Final were both seeded second in favor of Astralis and GODSENT, however, it didn’t go as expected for these two teams in the semi-finals. That resulted in Immortals (formerly Tempo Storm) and Ninjas in Pyjamas facing each other in the Grand Final.

Before the matches started, NiP were thought to be strong favorites to win, with 78% likelihood, according to CSGOFast Betting, while Immortals were supposed to stand a 22% chance to win the match. This just shows you that any odds go out of the window once teams starts playing. Before the matches, NiP removed Overpass, answered by Immortals’ ban of Nuke. Then, NiP picked Cache, Immortals answered with Mirage, NiP removed Cobblestone, and Immortals go rid of Dust2, to have Train as the map to be played if it had to come to three matches.


The first pistol round on Cache ended with Immortals’ victory after a nail-biter last second clutch by SH00WTiME, where he was the only Brazillian left standing against NiP’s Xizt and pyth. He killed pyth at Forklift and went to fight Xizt, finally killing him with his last bullet after a lengthy merry-go-round around a box in Bsite A, proceeding to pick up a Defuse Kit and successfully disarming the bomb at the last second.

Following that play, Immortals picked up 2 more rounds as is most often the case when opponents choose to save. Their momentum was stopped in the first gun round, when pyth took out HEN1 and felps at B to win the round, getting three kills in the process. Following that, NiP was looking to be on a comeback, but Immortals stopped it quickly just as NiP was about to catch up to the Brazillians, getting the next four rounds. NiP started to rally their forces to catch up before the first half ended, making it 8-6 in Immortals favor before the start of round 15, however the former Tempo Storm team came finished the first half on a good foot, winning the round and making the score 9-6.

The second half of Cache started with a pistol round win by Immortals, building up the momentum enough to win five more, making the score 14-6 on Round 21, where NiP finally managed to get a point and get rolling making the score 10-15 on Round 26. Immortals do manage to rip the final point out of the Swedes’ hands to win the first match, despite friberg’s nice clutching.


After the upset win on Cache, Immortals got a confidence boost while leaving the Ninjas reeling. At least that is my interpretation of what happened in the first half of Mirage, where the former Tempo Storm players managed to win with a staggering score of 12-3, building on their victory in the pistol round. Of course, by saying that Immortals’ momentum from the first map carried over, I’m not trying to imply that the team didn’t play the rounds very well. That’s not the case at all. For the first half of Mirage, at least, Immortals WERE the better team.

The second half started with the pistol round going to Immortals, however, that’s where NiP stopped their opponents as if they were an unstoppable force hitting a wall of paper tissues. NiP won 8 rounds in a row, getting within 2 points behind their Brazillian adversaries, before Immortals managed to win a round, making the score 14-11. What followed was some incredibly close CS:GO, with the Brazillian team managing to eek out a narrow victory, 16-13, becoming Dreamhack Zowie Open Summer 2016 Champions in what was a very unexpected Final. I don’t mind it all, though. After all, everyone loves an underdog, unless you’re a die-hard fan of the team that gets upset. With no particular attachment to Ninjas in Pyjamas, however, I found the Grand Final simply exciting.