How to Become a Better Rifler?

July 28, 2016 - Esports, Guides
How to Become a Better Rifler?

In CS:GO, especially when played at higher-level or more organized environments, most players handle rifles for most of the match (except when you are the designated AWPer or during Pistol rounds). Understandably, Rifling skill is very important to your CS:GO success.

The first thing to consider when playing with a rifle in your hands is which type of shooting is appropriate for the situation you’re in. If the enemy you’re trying to kill is far away, your best option is to tap him. When tapping, you press “fire”, move a little to make yourself harder to hit, and fire again. This movement is essential to success because standing targets are infinitely easier to hit. Seeing as your opponent will probably know this too, avoid wasting bullets by shooting without aiming first. It’s understandable that your first instinct when an enemy is in sight is pumping him full of lead; however, if you don’t aim carefully first, you will just miss all of your bullets. That’s not good.

The next mode of fire, usually used when the enemy is close or not that far away, is spraying. Some people call this “spray and pray”; however, if done well, there’s no praying involved. To reach this stage, you must learn how to control your spraying. How’s it done? Well, first, you should stand in front of a wall with a full clip, target it, and just hold down your left mouse button. After your clip is empty, you will see a shape, drawn by bullet holes. If you invert this pattern and mimic it perfectly with your mouse, your bullets will all land in the same spot. The best CS:GO players can do this instinctively, in the middle of battle. You should aspire to that too.

Probably the best way to practice spraying is in player made maps, made to train your aim. The best ones even show you the shape you need to follow, with a dot, displaying the exact place you should be aiming at with your cursor at different stages of your chosen weapon’s spray pattern. After you’re finished, these maps even provide you with various statistics about your accuracy. Your… aim should be to practice this skill until it’s ingrained into your muscle memory and you can do it perfectly, without even thinking about it.

When you reach this point, you should go and battle-test your new skills in casual games. When you’re sure that the skill gained in practice maps completely transferred to the real game, you should start playing Competitive and see how you do vs. players of your skill level. Even if you don’t shoot up in ranks immediately, we expect you to do much better than you would have before you started training.

Another great way to improve your rifling is by watching pro matches and Twitch streams of great players. Pay attention, try to spot patterns. When do they tap? When do they spray? How do they spray? This will not only show you when and how to use your newfound rifling skill correctly, it will slowly teach you to play the game properly as well.

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