How good was Olofmeister?

June 16, 2016 - Esports

While Fnatic is one of the most popular and best CS:GO teams in the world, so people would naturally watch their games in eLeague anyway, all attention will be paid to one player’s performance to the detriment of his team this week.

Coming back after two months away from the game to fully recover from injury, Olof “Olofmeister” Kajbjer,  one of the most beloved players in the CS:GO scene, has started his first pro match since early April, facing TSM. With a magnifying glass on him, seeking to find out how detrimental the forced break was on his skills, he did his best to help Fnatic win the first matches of their bout in the Group D of eLeague.

The first game of the reborn Fnatic roster was played on Cache, against American TSM, which was bleeding after having to replace one of their Riflers due to age limits. The first game of two between Fnatic and TSM was surprisingly close, ending  16-13 in European’s favor. Olofmeister did okay, with a HLTV rating of 1.04. While not bad exactly, it’s a long shot from his pre-injury days when he led the team, because this time, he was fourth. Still, it has to be noted, that statistically the worst player on Fnatic, Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson, had a rating of 0.93, which was still better than 4 out of 5 TSM players.

The second match between the two teams took place on Mirage. The story was entirely different, because Fnatic crushed their opponents, winning by 13 points, only giving up one round in the first half and going 2:2 in the second to clinch the match. In this game, olofmeister did much better, leading his team by a .25 HLTV rating point margin, with 1.92. Granted, this game was a massacre, however, it’s still exciting to see the returning superstar doing so well when compared to his team. Might it be possible that the first game could be written off as nerves? We will see a bit later, when Fnatic goes up against FaZe Clan.

The first map of the contest between FaZe and Fnatic was Cobblestone. While Fnatic were clear favorites, everyone who watched the game was excited to see the Swedes sweep their multinational opponents with a score of 16-0. To tell you the truth, it was nasty. And fun. And very very exciting. The question of olofmeister’s performance is much more pressing, however. In this blowout game, his performance rating was 1.27. Ahead of JW by .04 points and behind flusha by the same margin, Kajbjer was sitting comfortably in fourth place. The man of this match was Dennis “dennis” Edman with a mind-blowing HLTV score of 2.03. Of course, this game was a clean sweep, so huge numbers are to be expected from the winning team.

To be perfectly honest, I expected FaZe to crumble after their first loss, however, what happened next was even better. FaZe didn’t give up, they didn’t tilt. Instead, their rallied and managed to win 16:8, handing Fnatic their first loss of the week. After a loss, player’s stats are usually noticeably lower, which was the case this time too, however, olofmeister improved on his rating, placing third on his team, ahead of Robin “flusha” Rönnquist and KRIMZ.

After the first day of matches, I conclude that while olofmeister isn’t back to his usual dominating shenanigans, he isn’t a weight for his teammates to carry either. With more time to practice and get back into the thick of things until the team has to play in the ECS Finals and ESL One Cologne, olofmeister should fully recover or at least come close to his past form, making Fnatic one of the strongest teams in the world once again.