H2K and Overwatch, Story Begins with Kids Next Door

August 4, 2016 - Esports

Continuing the League of Legends invasion to Overwatch, H2K, one of the best teams in EU LCS, announced their acquisition of a roster for the newest piece of the eSports puzzle. The latest in the stream of announcements about Overwatch roster signings, H2K’s chosen team, Kids Next Door, is not what you would call Overwatch elite, ranked 148th in the world.

Despite its low rank, signing Kids Next Door could still prove to be a good idea. The whole pro Overwatch scene is just finding its groove. If the players are determined to get better and compete at the highest level, they can surely do it with a lot of hard work. Especially with an org like H2K behind them. The EU LCS Playoff contender should be able to organize practice and oversee effective practice, making the team get better faster than they would have on their own.

This is supported by a TwitLonger post by a member of the team, Graham “Graham” Spurrier, who talked about potential, great atmosphere in the team, and drive to succeed. At this point in the evolution of Overwatch as an eSport, that is one of the most important things. It will probably years for Overwatch to peak and reach its full potential as an eSport, these players have plenty of time. With signing Kids Next Door, H2K sends a clear sign that they’re not interested in immediate glory and trophies, preferring to take something with great potential and nurture it into something great.

According to, Kids Next Door formed in June. Bobby “Kresnik” Wiemer plays a mean Reinhardt, according to Graham, Joe “DeaftJoe” Natale plays DPS, Ian “Fareoh” Spurrier plays Flex and is the strategic leader of the team, while his brother, Graham Spurrier, Supports or Flexes if needed. Marisa “m4risa” Tachau, one of the first female Overwatch pros, I believe, plays DPS, while James “Esper” Southall supports. The team also has a manager Teabubbles and a coach JSR as well. From what I gather, DeaftJoe and m4risa should DPS, Graham and Esper should be taking care of Support, while, Kresnik and Fareoh tank, unless only one tank is needed. Then, Fareoh would Flex.

This is not a traditional Overwatch roster signing by a well-known org. Usually, teams like a sure thing, signing a proven roster that can at least get some results immediately. For a well-regarded organisation like H2K to sign a relative unknown like Kids Next Door, it would require absolute trust in the players’ ability to git gud and win. Or they want to expose their brand to Overwatch fans and Kids Next Door came cheaply, as my tinfoil hat-wearing side, which believes that the American government took down The World Trade Center, would say.