GIANTS! Gaming Has Four of Their Roster Spots Filled Now

December 9, 2016 - Esports

Giants! Gaming, one of the middle of the pack EU LCS teams, which finished 5th-6th in the 2016 EU LCS Summer Playoffs, are working to get their roster together for the 2017 Spring Split. At the moment, they have 4 of their 5 roster spots filled, with only the Jungler role staying empty. Despite that fact, the team’s prospects are cloudy at best so far, because none of the players signed so far are what you would call well-known.

Starting with the Top Lane, taken up by Olof “Flaxxish” Medin, tžthe roster seems to be full of Challenger Series players with no real LCS experience. Flaxxish had started his pro career in October 2015, playing against against All authority. His career on the team was short-lived at that point, because he got suspended from playing in Riot-affiliated League of Legends tournaments in the 2015 Spring Split. Then, the player play for approximately three months on Team Dignitas, starting with March 2016. His next stop was Nova Esports, which he joined in June 2016 and left in July. Now, he joined GIANTS! Gaming. Hopefully, he can stay on this team longer than three months.

The team’s Mid Laner, Gun-woo “NighT” Na is from South Korea. His pro career isn’t very long, the only noteworthy org he’s played for is actually GIANTS. Despite his inexperience, the Korean Mid Laner is actually at least okay for the team he plays for. While he would be a weak link on G2 Esports or Team SoloMid, he’s just about good enough for GIANTS! Gaming. He even received an award for being an Outstanding Rookie in the Summer Split of EU LCS 2016.

The team’s AD Carry, Elias “Upset” Lipp, comes from the Challenger Series, where he played for Nerv, placing sixth with an 0-2-3 record. While the player isn’t known at all, he’s also young. GIA seems to believe that he’s talented enough to have an impact on the LCS stage and… upset some opponents.

Finally, GIANTS!’ Support is, once again, Morgan “Hustlin” Granberg. In the 59 professional games Hustlin played, he showed 10 different champions, favoring Braum, Karma, Alistar, and Nautilus above all others. While his win/loss ratio isn’t great on most of those champions in competitive play, this can honestly be attributed to the overall mediocre performance of the team as a whole. Even when losing, Hustlin managed to keep a KDA of around 3 on his most played champs, which is a good sign.