G2 vs. Luminosity Gaming – ECS Season 1 Grand Final Recap

June 27, 2016 - Esports

Coming into the match, Luminosity Gaming were favorites to win by all accounts, however, niggling in the back of my mind was a small sliver of doubt. After all, the Brazilians had some drama organization-level drama surrounding them for some time now. While the scandal was put to an end with the announcement that Luminosity roster will start representing SK Gaming starting with ESL One Cologne, I have an unsubstantiated suspicion that the Brazilians aren’t entirely happy with how the whole situation played out.

With that in mind, it’s entirely possible that they didn’t play their best in Wembley. Of course, it’s also within reason to say that G2 Esports simply were the better team, especially when you keep in mind that G2 were playing very well most of the time prior to this LAN. Despite Luminosity’s turmoil, I would hate it if you thought that I was putting down G2’s achievement, for I’m not.

Before the matches started, G2 predictably removed Mirage, Luminosity got rid of Cache. Then, G2 tried to use Luminosity’s perceived weakness on Dust2, picking the map for their first match. The Brazilians responded by picking Overpass. Then, G2 removed Train, while Luminosity banned Cobblestone. As a result, the deciding match would have been played on Nuke if it came to it.

Map 1: Dust2

In a nail biting match, which was especially close in the first half (8:7 in favor of G2), G2 beat Luminosity 16:11. Luminosity won the pistol round with fnx getting a triple kill, however, G2’s shox managed to squeeze some money out of the round by taking revenge for his team just before the bomb exploded by killing the hero of the round, fnx with a one tap headshot at the doors to Bombsite B.

Getting ready for Round 2, G2 bought a couple of Scouts, while Luminosity had a Scout on FalleN and AK-47s on TACO and fnx, while the remaining two players got SMGs. G2 came out ahead in the exchange after a big fight at A Bombsite. Following that, G2 picked up a couple of rounds, putting the pressure to catch up on the Brazilian’s shoulders. They didn’t disappoint, stopping the French from running off with the lead. In fact, the teams were within 1 or 2 points of each other for the rest of the first half.

The second pistol round was won by G2, after fer’s final standoff at Bombsite B fell short against three G2 players. Following that, Luminosity did a G2, winning the second round and following to nip at the heels of the French, starting a trend which continued until Round 22 came about, when G2 increased the lead to two points, further widening the gap to 3 on R24, when Luminosity started an attempt at a comeback. Which got promptly stopped in the next round, 11:14 in G2’s favor. Following that, the French didn’t let go of their lead, winning two more rounds and performing a Fatality on Luminosity in Dust 2.

Map 2: Overpass

With their backs against the wall following G2’s win on Dust2, Luminosity needed to get a good start on the next map of the series, Overpass. Unfortunately, the pistol round didn’t go very well, with fer being the only one alive vs. 4 G2 players. He managed to pick off bodyy, somewhat equalizing the score, however any hope of a miracle clutch was dashed when shox picked him off. The trend of the team which lost the pistol round coming back to win Round 2 from Dust2 didn’t hold up in the next map. On Round 8, the score was 7:0 with G2 winning, when Luminosity finally managed to pick up a win. Luminosity won 2 more rounds after that before being stopped by G2. Any further comeback attempts were stopped after that. After the first half, the score was Luminosity 4 to G2’s 11 points.

The second pistol round had shox one tapping three people in the head, killing fer for his fourth after a somewhat prolonged shootout and then dying to TACO’s Glock-18. He had a tall task in front of him if he wanted to pull off a win 1v4. It wasn’t to be, as RpK finally brought him down. 12:4, G2. While all Brazilian CS:GO fans prayed for a miracle comeback, it didn’t happen. G2 won the Grand Final with the score of 16:5.