G2 Esports Keep Their LoL Roster The Same

November 7, 2016 - Esports

After a League of Legends season ends with the best of the best competing at the World Championship, everyone scrambles to try and improve during the preseason in order to do better next year. Often, that means massive roster overhauls, staff changes and other kinds of shenanigans. Some organisations, however, choose to believe in what they have already, trusting the process and their previous decisions, even in the face of bitter disappointment at Worlds.

G2 Esports, the winners of EU LCS 2016, is one of the rare teams, which didn’t make any changes, showing a lot of trust and support towards their players and coaching staff, despite the embarrassing 1-5 exit from Worlds, where they only managed to win against the Wildcard Albus NoX Luna. To be fair, ignoring the Worlds fiasco, G2 Esports had a great season in 2016, winning both Spring and Summer Splits. Their Bot Lane is one of the best in the world, their Mid, Jungle, and Top are definitely good enough to dominate the competition in EU.

With one of the stronger rosters in Europe, barring some unexpected circumstances, G2 Esports are practically guaranteed a spot at Worlds 2017 with the roster and staff they have now. Assuming they can qualify, the team has a year to work on the issues which caused their collapse at Worlds and the Mid Season Invitational as well, unless they are actually content dominating locally.

It’s a good spot to be in when you have a team which you know to be able to consistently perform locally with plenty of time to overcome issues, which sabotage your international performance. If the team’s management decided to pull the trigger and make some changes, there would have been no way to know whether the new staff or roster would perform locally, not to mention internationally. Now, G2 has a sure thing, which, albeit, has a known sticking point they can work towards solving. Any new roster would have them too, the difference being that the management and coaching staff would have no way to know what they were prior to the start of the season, when it would be too late to make sweeping changes.

Altogether, this news is surprising. Not because the current G2 Esports roster is bad, but because at this point in the development of eSports, teams seem to have a hair-trigger tendency to make roster swaps. This decision to keep everything just as it is is a surprisingly mature and logically sound choice, as well as a step in the right direction for G2 Esports. Who would argue the point that G2 roster is the strongest in the EU LCS? Nobody. Why change it? There is no need to.