FORG1VEN is Free Agent; All Hail TSM FORG1VEN? Hell No!!!

November 4, 2016 - Esports

Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou has been a polarizing figure in the European League of Legends scene for a long time now. Lauded as one of the best mechanical AD Carries in Europe, if not the West, the player was also criticized for his strong views and difficult personality. Following the Semifinal finish at the 2016 World Championship on the roster of H2K, the player announced on Facebook that his contract with the European organization is up and he’s open to offers, including the ones coming from other regions.

Coming soon after Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng’s announcement about his intention to take a break from competitive play during the Spring Split of the NA LCS, some people immediately started getting hyped for TSM FORG1VEN. While the player himself stated that he’s open to offers from all regions and all leagues, including the Challenger Series, albeit, as a lesser priority, it might seem to be a good idea for TSM to get the Greek Superstar.

Well, it’s not. For a couple of reasons. First, you can only have two imports on the starting roster and TSM already has Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg (yes, he’s been playing for TSM forever, but the dude is still from Denmark) and Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen. TSM possibly could get rid of Svenskeren to make space but that would be inadvisable because there are no great local Junglers in NA. That’s why Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett was so damn valuable to Team Liquid. We will talk about that later. Back to the point. Even if TSM got FORG1VEN somehow, he wouldn’t exactly fit in.

Yes, he’s made great strides to play supportive AD Carries like Sivir, however, he is still very opinionated. While he may be right more often than not, he would still disrupt the team dynamic. While the fact that FORG1VEN stays on teams for a single split is actually good in this case because Doublelift intends to come back for the Summer Split, the already working TSM machine would be damaged and there’s no way to know whether it could be repaired in time for Worlds.

Now, we mentioned Dardoch. On paper, it would seem like an amazing idea for TSM to get rid of Svenskeren, somehow get Dardoch out of Echo Fox, and sign FORG1VEN to replace Doublelift. A TSM lineup like this would be the strongest team in NA. The problem is that Dardoch and FORG1VEN are opinionated personalities. The coaching staff would have to work their asses off to stay on top of the situation. Weldon Green’s presence would certainly help; however, it’s not worth it. The best thing TSM can do is to just find a decent AD Carry, who will do his job for a Split, get into the Playoffs, earn some points, have a calm and relaxed Split, get Doublelift back before the Summer Split starts and then kick it into high gear.

As for FORG1VEN… He will be a great asset to any team he joins, provided he doesn’t clash with his teammates and the coaching staff. For that to happen, he needs to find a team which is as ambitious as he is himself. Everyone there should be motivated to work hard and improve as much as possible. Looking at the top teams in NA and EU, the best option for FORG1VEN is actually H2K. Weird, huh?