Flash Gaming Team Profile

January 3, 2018 - Esports
Flash Gaming Team Profile

This article is part of a series aimed at introducing the teams that are going to play at the ELEAGUE Major Boston. To see profiles of other teams, click on the images at the bottom of the article.

The ELEAGUE Major Boston is going to be the first tournament to feature a new structure where the Offline Qualifier is played under the umbrella of the Major instead of it being a separate event. We’re looking at all teams set to take part in the event, starting with the Minors’ Champions, teams which will play in the new Play-In stage of the event.

Flash Gaming wasn’t supposed to play at the ELEAGUE Major Boston. If not for the TyLoo debacle, they wouldn’t have, having placed third at the Asia Minor while only the first two spots feed into the Major.

As the third place team from the Major, Flash is the most likely team to at least step foot on the stage in Atlanta, especially after an HLTV report which claimed that all of their players either have or will soon have the papers they need to play in a tournament held in the United States.

With this unexpected development, let’s take a look at the team that is Flash Gaming.

The Players

Even though Flash Gaming has made some changes recently, releasing KunHua “LOVEYY” Bai and later QiFang “Karsa” Su in favor of Zhe “Ayeon” Yang and WeiJia “INNOPY” Guo, they will be forced to play with Karsa and LOVEYY at the Major because they were locked to the roster at the Minor.

Helping them, we will see YuLun “fancy1” Cai, YuanZhang “AttackeR” Sheng and Andrew “kaze” Khong.

While they are decent in the region, proven as proven by their third place finish at the Asia Minor behind Renegades and TyLoo, they aren’t likely to hack it against international competition.

Team Stats

From Mar. 13 to Dec. 06 of 2017, when the Flash Gaming lineup that is going to the Major was together, the team played around 173 maps, winning 118 and losing 55 in mostly regional tournaments. They picked up 16229 kills against 14547 deaths for a total K/D Ratio of 1.12.

With that said, there was a time in July, where Karsa and kaze missed some events due to personal issues and nationality restrictions.

In the time the roster played together, Inferno stood out as their favorite map. Out of the 45 times they played it, Flash won 33 and lost 12 times for a very respectable 73.3% win rate. Mirage is their next most popular, yet much less successful map at 20-16.

The next three most played maps for this team, Cache, Cobblestone and Train, have been going quite well for them too. The team’s win rate on Cache is 78.6%, 60.7% on Cobblestone, and 74.1% on Train.

Recent Results

While Flash Gaming tends to do well in tournaments they enter, it means nothing for their Major prospects because the events they play in are held in China or the wider Asian scene, which is not known for its CS:GO scene.

Yes, they might have won eXTREMESLAND Asia Finals 2017, placed 5-6th at the SL i-League Invitational Shanghai 2017 or 4th in the the CS:GO Super League 2017 Finals, but these events have nothing on EPICENTER 2017 or EPL S6 Finals conquered by the teams which are counted to be the favorites to win at the ELEAGUE Major Boston 2017.