First Teams to Qualify for Overwatch Open – EnVyUs and Misfits

July 26, 2016 - Esports

Catching many Overwatch fans by surprise, Overwatch Open, the first $300,000 tournament in the scene, organized by ELEAGUE in partnership with FACEIT, started shaping its team roster over the weekend.

The first Regional Qualifier winners, which qualified over the past weekend, were EnVyUs in NA, and Misfits in EU. Both names can be recognized from other games. In CS:GO, EnVyUs is know for having a team which at one point used to be the best in the world, and is experiencing some problems at the moment, having just lost an ELEAGUE Quarter-final match against Fnatic. Outside the server, the name of EnVyUs was dragged through the mud in the CS:GO Lotto scandal. The Misfits organization doesn’t have the best reputation among League of Legends fans either. It was the previous name of LCS participants, Renegades over at the NA LCS. The owner of the organization, Chris Badawi, was barred from having any role in a team participating in Riot-sanctioned events due to numerous rule violations. Then, Renegades had to sell their spot in the NA LCS, which was bought by, get this, Team EnVyUs. I don’t know whether Chris Badawi has anything to do with running the Misfits Overwatch org, however, it looks a little fishy.

Whatever the case may be, Team EnVyUs, widely regarded as the best Overwatch team in the world, qualified by winning against Splyce, Luminosity (ranked 8th), and the newly introduced Team SoloMid (ranked 6th), which was previously known as Code7. On their road to victory, they haven’t dropped a single point against some top-level teams, so it’s a very good idea to watch and learn from them, ignoring the allegations of wrongdoing in a gambling website scandal, Overwatch is a different game, after all.

Misfits, the third best team in the world according to ranking, had a very difficult journey to complete, winning against ANOX (ranked 14th), REUNITED (ranked 5th), and Rogue (ranked 7th).