FaZe Clan vs. Fnatic – ELEAGUE Group D Finals

June 21, 2016 - Esports

The test by fire for the once again whole Fnatic lineup is over. Having played the Group D Finals of ELEAGUE, Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer is fully back in the swing of things and we can try to figure out whether he’s as good as he used to be. The outcome of the week’s matches would suggest that he certainly is. Or that at least he’s close to his top form.

Map One – Cache

After losing one map during the whole week, Fnatic reached the Finals of Group D, where they were met by FaZe, the only team that managed to take a game off of Fnatic in Round Robin. The first game of the best of three series was played on FaZe’s favorite map, Cache. Fnatic got up to a good start with a pistol headshot triple kill by olofmeister.

Fnatic followed up on their pistol round success, building a respectable 8-1 lead, which was starting to get nipped at by FaZe. While the challengers managed to take several rounds off of their enemies, Fnatic held on successfully, winning the first half 10-5. The second half started with olofmeister’s triple kill once again, helping the Swedes win the round once more.

FaZe mounted a comeback attempt in the second half, which succeeded much better than earlier, managing to catch up within two points on Round 27, however, they were put in a very unfavorable situation, with an economic disaster looming if they allowed Fnatic to get the match point on that round, as they wouldn’t have enough money to buy properly for the fight with their backs against the wall. Unfortunately for FaZe, olofmeister put an end to the round with his AWP | Dragon Lore, resulting in FaZe having to fight for their life in the match with pistols and a lone FAMAS on aizy. Quite predictably, it didn’t turn out too well for them, Fnatic 16, FaZe 12.

Map Two – Cobblestone

If FaZe players, owners, and staff weren’t having nightmares after the round robin match, where the team played Fnatic on Cobble and got swept 16-0, they will after the Final. While it wasn’t as bad, with FaZe managing to steal 5 rounds off of their Swedish opponents, the game was a slaughter nevertheless, especially the first half, won by Fnatic 14-1 in what seemed to be a possible sweep with the score of 13-0 at one point. The Fnatic freight train was stopped on Round 14, with fox getting a triple kill. While Fnatic got denied for once, the lead they managed to accrue was big enough that they won with a comfortable advantage despite FaZe waking up somewhat in the second half of the match.


Even if olofmeister isn’t at his best yet, he’s close to it, which is fantastic when you remember that he started playing three weeks ago now, after a long break. His HLTV rating certainly hints at Fnatic leader’s great form, especially in the somewhat close game on Cache, where he had the rating of 1.57, with average damage per round of 111.9 and 30 kills for 19 deaths. While the second map was dominated by flusha’s 1.73 rating, olofmeister came in second, with 1.43.