FalleN’s Skins During eLeague Group A Finals – Overview

June 13, 2016 - Esports

Many players watch professional matches with the intention to learn something they could use in their own games. Some succeed, most… not really, however, when you make that awesome play, it’s nice to imagine that you’re FalleN, playing in an important match, pulling off clutch outplays. For the ultimate fan, the fantasy could be made more realistic if you used the precise skin, which was used by the player you idolize.

For this purpose, I watched the recent ELEAGUE final between C9 and Luminosity, paying special attention at the skins used by the soul of the Luminosity squad, FalleN. Featured at the beginning of the match, viewers noticed his knife, M9 Bayonet | Doppler, Phase 3. The M9 | Doppler skins go from $189.99.00 up to over $5,000.00 in Factory New condition, while Phase 3 specifically costs around $240. As we can see, FalleN’s knife isn’t THAT expensive, however, it’s still worth a lot.

When he plays pistols, FalleN uses Souvenir Glock-18 | Groundwater, which actually isn’t that expensive. I’m guessing that he has better skins for his Glock, but prefers that one because it commemorates MLG Columbus. When he buys P250, it has an Asiimov skin, that can be bought for around $40.00 in Minimal Wear condition, ~$140.00 if you want a StatTrak version. FalleN’s P200 pistol has the Oceanic skin, which can be bought for around $3.00 Factory New with StatTrak or for less than $1.00 without. Finally, his CZ75-Auto is skinned with Red Astor. Factory New StatTrak, it goes for $12.00, while the version with no StatTrak could be bought for less than $3.00.

Looking at rifles, FalleN uses StatTrak Galil AR | Firefight, which could cost you up to $14.00 in Factory New condition, AK-47 | Frontside Misty, worth $2.004 in Factory New condition without StatTrak, and around $100.00 with it, and the famous M4A4 | Howl. For the StatTrak version, a Factory New one would thin your wallet by $2000.00+, while you would have to pay over $900.00 for a Factory New non-StatTrak one. Finally, FalleN’s FAMAS has the Valence skin, which costs $17.00 for Factory New StatTrak and $3.00 for a normal one. As a slight offtopic, when FalleN used a MAG-7 shotgun, it was skinned with the StatTrak version of Heat. Shotguns are used very sparingly, so there’s no wonder that you can get a Factory New StatTrak MAG-7 | Heat for $4.00.

Finally, let’s get to the most interesting skins when talking about FalleN – sniper rifles. Before we started researching for this article, we could have sworn that FalleN uses AWP | Dragon Lore. Surprisingly it wasn’t the case in the ELEAGUE Finals because he used an AWP | Redline, which could be bought in Minimal Wear condition for $12.50, while a Minimal Wear StatTrak would cost you $56.62 on the Steam Market, at the time of writing. Funnily enough, coldzera DID use a Dragon Lore, despite being the secondary AWPer for the team. The second scoped weapon FalleN used was the SSG 08 (Scout), with the Dark Water skin, from what we could determine. The Minimal Wear StatTrak Dark Water is very cheap, costing $1.12, while the simple one is just $0.29.

We were surprised to see that FalleN’s skins aren’t THAT expensive with the exception of his knife and M4A4. It’s weird, keeping in mind that one of the most famous AWPers in the world uses the reasonably cheap Redline skin for his AWP.