EULCS W1D1 – S04 vs. UOL and SPY vs. VIT Recap

June 3, 2016 - Esports

The second round of Best of 2 matches on Stream 1 and 2 had FC Schalke 04 facing Unicorns of Love and Splyce fighting against Team Vitality. While nowhere near the hype of the Origen vs. G2 match, it was still buzzworthy to see how the world-famous football club’s eSports squad will do.

FC Schalke 04 vs. Unicorns of Love

With a name like Schalke 04, you will make waves and raise awareness of eSports in mainstream society, no matter how you actually do on the Rift. Naturally, however, competitive League of Legends fans were very curious to see how this team actually does.

With champ select of their first LCS game under the Schalke banner done, the team chose to ban Braum, Swainn, and Ryze, while picking Maokai Top, Nidalee Jungle, Vladimir Mid, Lucian ADC, and Alistar Support. Their opponents got rid of Fizz, Trundle, and Bard, choosing to play Ekko Top, Kindred Jungle, Viktor Mid, Twitch ADC, and the Gem Lord himself, Taric, as Support.

Schalke had two great ways to engage in Alistar and Maokai, with Nidalee and Viktor poking and generally taking care of the Magic damage portion of the team comp equation, while Lucian was supposed to blast some physical damage. Unicorns, in turn, had a sneaky sneaky Twitch comp with two ways to make him unkillable, to release his ult-buffed skillshot autoattacks.

Game Two had Unicorns of Love banning Fizz, Vladimir, and Ekko, while their opponents got rid of Nidalee and Ryze. In terms of team comps, UOL played Maokai Top, Kindred Jungle, Azir Mid, Ezreal ADC, and Trundle Support, while Schalke relied on Poppy Top, Elise Jungle, Viktor Mid, Lucian ADC, and Braum Support.

Splyce vs. Vitality

Vitality was the organisation, which took third place in the Spring Split regular season, before falling to the might of Fnatic in the Playoffs. Since that time, two essential players, Shook and Hjarnan, were replaced by Police and MightyBear. It is interesting to see if the new roster has what it takes to repeat their achievement or possibly even improve upon it.

In the first game of the series, Vitality banned out Ryze, Nidalee, and Fizz, while Splyce removed the choices of Trundle, Kindred, and Graves. When the champ select ended, teams ended up with these comps:

Splyce – Ekko Top, Gragas Jungle, Vladimir Mid, Lucian ADC, and Bard Support.

Vitality – Maokai Top, Rek’Sai Jungle, LeBlanc Mid, Caitlyn ADC, and Braum Support

Both teams had different points of weakness in the laning phase. Vitality’s Maokai was vulnerable in the early game against Wunder’s Ekko, while Nukeduck’s LB generally has a hard time dealing with Vladimir, due to it’s menses pool and self-healing.

Game Two, Vitality had Maokai Top, Kindred Jungle, Lissandra Mid, Ezreal ADC, and Karma Support. Splyce went into the Rift with Ekko Top, Graves Jungle, Viktor Mid, Lucian ADC, and Trundle Support. For bans, Vitality banned out Fizz, Viktor, and Bard, while Ryze, Nidalee, and Braum got vetoed on the Splyce side.

The karma pick, while certainly unusual, was a great idea, because it can help Ezreal poke the short-ranged enemy bot lane, while shielding poke and providing movement speed boosts when hit by Trundle’s Pillar of Doom.