EULCS W1D1 – OG vs. G2 and H2K vs. ROC Recap

June 3, 2016 - Esports

Due to the changed structure of the LCS, teams in Europe and NA will now play Best of 2 and Best of 3 respectively. As a result, there will be two concurrent Twitch streams going on at the same time, showing two different matches. Seeing as our aim is to let you get up-to-date on what’s happening in LCS in an efficient manner, we will quickly introduce you to both matchups for each timeslot and then link you to a highlights video of the best plays in each match, and the post-match analyst desk, to let you take the most out of the game knowledge-wise.

OG vs. G2

This was the most hyped matchup of the day, with Origen seeking to take revenge for their Spring Split loss in the Finals. The rivalry got even more heated when the Origen bottom lane, Zven and Mithy, moved to G2. From Origen point of view, this match was about showing that their ex-teammates made a mistake by moving to their rivals, while Zven and Mithy sought to prove that they are better of on the new team, that their decision was right. While most analysts said that G2 should 2-0 the Origen squad, some people thought that a tie was also likely.

For game 1, Origen elected to ban Zed, Leblanc, and Ryze, while G2 banned Braum, Lucian, and Bard. Origen picked a poke team comp with Nidalee Jungle, Varus Mid, and Corki ADC. They also got Janna Support for disengage if their opponents decided that they didn’t fancy getting poked for the whole game and wanted to fight, while Maokai was supposed to ensure that they had a good way to start the fight when G2 were poked down low enough.

G2 picked up Ekko Top, Kindred Jungle, Fizz Mid, Caitlyn ADC, and the Lady of Evil herself, Soraka Support. Ekko, Kindred, Fizz, and Soraka were all good vs. poke, because three of them had dashes and Soraka healed like a truck. The relative lack of mobility from Caitlyn should have been compensated by the banana mistress.

To summarize the comps from Game 1, OG wanted to get fed and poke out their opponents, while G2 had a very good teamfighting composition with great scaling and numerous ways to deal with OG’s poke.

Before the 2nd game,  G2 banned Braum, Bard, and Rek’Sai, while OG god rid of Ryze, Nidalee, and Trundle. G2 picked Maokai Top, Kindred Jungle, Azir Mid, Caitlyn ADC, and Tahm Kench Support. OG elected to go with Fizz Top, Elise Jungle, Viktor Mid, Lucian ADC, and Alistar Support.

The whole point of the OG comp was to get a pick on a target with Alistar WQ or Elise stun and then immediately blow it up. Unfortunately, Mithy countered it perfectly with Tahm Kench.


Before the game, H2K were thought to be favorites to win, however, it rarely goes as you expect on the Summoner’s Rift.

Game 1 champ select saw H2K banning Vladimir, Lucian, and Jayce to ROCCAT’s Azir, Bard, and Trundle. At the end, the team comp for H2K was Gnar Top, Nidalee Jungle, Ryze Mid, Caitlyn ADC, and Braum Support. ROCCAT had Ekko Top, Kindred Jungle, Swain Mid, Jhin ADC, and Thresh Support. Both team comps were quite good at team fighting, with a a lot of damage, cc, and peel.

Game 2, ROCCAT banned Azir, Ryze, and Maokai. H2K chose to get rid of Vladimir, Kindred, and Jayce. ROCCAT’s team comp was Nautilus Top, Nidalee Jungle, Swainn Mid, Caitlyn ADC, and Bard Support., while H2K went for Ekko Top, Lee Sin Jungle, Viktor Mid, Lucian ADC, and Braum Support.