EULCS W1D1 – FNC vs. GIA Recap

June 3, 2016 - Esports

Fnatic. THE legendary team of the European LCS. Yellowstar. THE legendary Fnatic player. Yellowstar back from NA, where he tried to make it work with TSM for a split = HYPE.

Going against a quite inexperienced Giants roster, Fnatic were strong favorites to win the game. In the first match of the best of two, they banned Lucian, Maokai, and Vladimir, while Giants chose to ban Ryze, Nidalee, and Kindred.

Team comp-wise, Fnatic had Ekko Top (was there a game WITHOUT Ekko Top this week? I don’t think so), Lee Sin Jungle, LeBlanc Mid, Kalista ADC, and Braum Support. Giants chose to go with Trundle Top (at least it wasn’t Support, that’s kinda original), Elise Jungle, Azir Mid, Caitlyn ADC, and Nautilus Support.

Looking at the team comps in this game, both teams had tanky Top laners, aggressive early game Junglers, and tanky Supports. The difference started with LeBlanc vs. Azir and Kalista vs. Caitlyn. Both LeBlanc and Kalista are strongest in lane and mid game, while their lane opponents, Azir and Cait, need items to get rolling. Playing scaling champions vs. opponents of Fnatic’s stature was very brave. I guess, Giants have… Giant balls.


In the second match of the series, Zed, Lucian, and Kindred were banned by Giants, with Ryze, Braum, and Nidalee taken away by Fnatic. Giants had Trundle Top, Elise Jungle, Vladimir Mid, Sivir ADC, and Nautilus Support vs. Fnatic’s Ekko Top, Lee Sin Jungle, Azir Mid, Kalista ADC, and Janna Support.

Personally, I liked Fnatic’s comp way more. Trundle is an anti-tank beast but Ekko is not on the same plane of tankiness as Sion, Maokai, or Malphite, for example. It’s doubtful that it’s worth it to pick it. Especially when it didn’t work out too well last game. Looking at Junglers, we got the same matchup, which resulted in a lost game for Giants. Mid? Vlad vs. Azir. While Vladimir seems to be a power pick, it’s range isn’t very great. Azir will be able to poke it a lot. While it’s true that Vlad can menses pool and heal, I don’t know if it’s worth it. In the ADC slot, Fnatic had Giants so beat that it wasn’t even funny. Of course, only noobs care about lane too much. In the Support slot, Fnatic had the perfect champion to go against Nautilus once again – Janna.