EU LCS Week 1 – Give Me The Same But Different

January 23, 2018 - Esports
EU LCS Week 1 – Give Me The Same But Different

With the franchising in the NA LCS, some of the best teams European players left for greener pastures in North America, leaving many of the teams significantly different and shaking up the power dynamics in the region. That doesn’t mean that the European LCS became more or less interesting, it’s just the same, only different.

One thing that is quite different from what it used to be in 2017 is the standings after the first week. In the past, the EU LCS was very top-heavy with a few teams lording over the rest. It’s too early to say for certain if that’s going to change in 2018 but the results of the first week of EU LCS certainly suggests a change.

The only teams not to end their week with a 1-1 scoreline are Team Vitality which won against Giants Gaming and H2k-Gaming and Unicorns of Love, which lost to both Giants and Splyce.

The rest of the field split wins, making it hard to predict which teams will come out on top over the course of the season. There are were some surprising results that go against everything we knew to be true from the 2017 season.

G2 Esports seems to be one of the teams to surprise in the inaugural week of the EU LCS. They managed to win against Misfits, the team which is considered to be among the EU LCS favorites, but then turned back and lost to ROCCAT, which has been a bottom pecking team for its entire run in the EU LCS.

Fnatic’s 1-1 may also suggest a bit of a fall from grace for the legendary EU team, though it’s not the end of the world by any means because the team they lost to, H2k-Gaming, does have a promising roster. With that said, Fnatic has been considered the strongest team in the EU LCS currently by analysts. They should be losing like this, especially with their core from 2017 still intact.

All in all, the EU LCS teams are in some cases vastly different from what they used to be in 2017 because of the plundering NA LCS franchising reaped upon the region. It will take several weeks to test the new players in battle. Only after that will we be able to see the outline of the new pecking order of the EU LCS.

Hopefully, some new and exciting team rises and sweeps the league, bringing in some much-needed excitement. Of course, organizations would first have to take advantage of it, which is one of the weaker points of the EU LCS.

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