ESL Pro League Season 6 Week 3 Is Over

September 15, 2017 - Esports
ESL Pro League Season 6 Week 3 Is Over

ESL Pro League Season 3 is starting to get into the thick of things. While it‘s been light in matches for the last couple of weeks with most top teams having a light presence in the online matches both in EU and NA due to other events. Next week, however, the whole thing is going to go boom. Before that, let‘s see what happened this week on ESL Pro League Season 6.

ESL Pro League Season 6 Week 3 – North America

Week 3 was the lightest week in North America‘s Season 6 so far with only five teams playing. Rogue played and lost to Splyce twice. The first match was played on Train, while the second took place on Nuke. Rogue stood up to Splyce well on Train, losing it 14-16, but their Nuke performance was weaker, as Splyce was able to win 16-9. Then a match was supposed to go on between Misfits and NRG, but it was postponed. The action continued with a contest between Rogue and Ghost. This time, Rogue managed to win both maps, coming out strong on Cache (16-8) and having much more trouble on Inferno. The final battle of ESL Pro League Season 6 NA was between Misfits and Splyce. Misfits won Train 16-9 and Nuke 16-14.

ESL Pro League Season 6 Week 3 – Europe

Only second tier teams played matches in EPL S6 W3 – EU as well, with LDLC, GODSENT, BIG, Heroic, and HellRaisers entering the server. LDLC defeated GODSENT convincingly on Inferno 16-9 and Overpass 16-8. Then, it was the time for BIG and Heroic to face each other. The teams met each other on Train first and the match was very hotly contested. After the regulation rounds, the score was 15-15. In OT, BIG won four rounds in a row and closed out the series. The second match was played on Overpass. It was a complete slaughter, even by the most strict blowout standards. There‘s no other word to call a match where one team wins a single round, after all.

After that, LDLC faced HellRaisers. The first map, Cache, went to LDLC with the score of 16-8. Then, the teams met on Overpass. This time, the match was much closer. After 30 rounds, HellRaisers came out on top 16-14, bringing the score to 1-1. The last match to be played was between BIG and GODSENT. After vaporizing Heroic, BIG was on the roll. They won Cache 16-8 and Mirage 16-13.

What‘s coming next week?

With ESL One New York 2017, some of the best CS:GO teams in the world will be back on the ESL Pro League circuit. In Europe, North will play mousesports, Natus Vincere will face off against Team EnVyUs, Fnatic and mouz will have a scuffle too. That‘s not all. G2 Esports will play Ninjas in Pyjamas too. FaZe Clan will also go up against NiP.

In NA, we will get to see CLG face off against Immortals and SK Gaming after the Montreal scandal which brought the ire of Brazilian CS:GO fans towards the NA team and especially their player Pujan “FNS” Mehta and coach Steve “Ryu” Rattacasa. Sadly, that all of the interesting matches on the NA side of the online portion of ESL Pro League Season 6 Week 4, which just goes to show that the NA region is considerably weaker than Europe in CS:GO.